What I Review and How I Rate Them

If you are looking to contact me for a book you would like me to review, PLEASE read what is written bellow before you navigate to the Contact Me page and leave me a message!

What kind of books do you review?

I am open to the following types of genres:
  • Young Adult Literature
  • Fantasy
  • General Contemporary Fiction
  • Historical-fiction
  • History
  • Historical mysteries/thrillers
  • Non-Fiction
  • Sci-Fi
I am not accepting the following genres:
  • Romance/Erotica
  • Memoirs
  • Religious
  • Self-help
Update: I am now accepting self-published books at the moment. :)

What about e-books and audiobooks?

Update: I am now accepting e-books! I accept e-books that are compatible with my Kindle and iBooks :)

How do you review books?

I review the books I have read honestly, and give them a postivie review and an out of 5 star rating. The books I do review will be recommended to others, and, if I really enjoy the book, will be featured on my blog. Due to scheduling and such, I will not be able to review all the books I have accepted. If I am ever put in a situation where I did not enjoy a book, I will do everything I can to recommend it to another reviewer/blogger who will review the book and give it the proper review it deserves.

What do you do other than review books?

I have special features on my blog called "Fangirl Friday" and "Saturday Spotlight", specially made for authors and books. On Fangirl Friday, I feature a character from a book and talk about the characters to promote the story/series. On Saturday Spotlight, I feature an author (this can be done as a Q&A or a guest post), where they can talk about their current works and upcoming projects. Saturday Spotlight is also another way to expose the authors to a bigger audience.

You guys can check out my interviews with Nate Shaw (Saturday Spotlight) and a character from a book (Fangirl Friday). I have tons more interviews on my blog :)

Where will your review be posted?

I will be posting all reviews here, or on my Goodreads page.

When will you post your reviews?

Due to commitments and scheduling, I will do my best to publish my reviews before their publishing date. If the date for my post is important, always tell me in advance in the inquiry email so we can work out a schedule. If there is a change that is needed to be done with my post's schedule, always email me one week in advance. It is appreciated that I get as much lead time before I review.

What do I do now that I finished reading your policy?

Firstly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to review my policy. If you would like me to consider reviewing a book to you, please visit the Email button on my social media buttons to the side of my blog! Thank you!
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