The Truth About the Blog(ger)

Hello everyone! My name is Allison, and I am a book blogger from Canada.

Welcome to Sleepless ReadsA LOT of people ask me why I started book blogging instead of blogging about normal things. Like, food. Or fashion. Well, first of all, what is normal? And secondly, I book blog because I love stories, and I love sharing my thoughts and opinions of them with other people. While my friends are good people to talk about books with, there are lots of times where I feel like I am way too excited for my own good. I love my friends to death, but I wanted to meet other people who shared the same passion as me for books, and after watching some booktubers (mostly polandbananabooks) and reading some book blogs (mostly Book Nerd Canda), I decided that book blogging would be the best- and most fun- way to do that.

I started blogging on my first blog, The Lovely Grace, back in August of 2013. I blogged on it till New Year 2014, where I realized I wasn't happy with my blog. It wasn't the colour scheme or the layout of my blog- I just was not feeling like a true blogger, and felt like I was blogging for the views, and bragging rights to my friends saying that I was a blogger. I took a small hiatus from blogging, contemplating whether I wanted to continue with it, or just stop altogether. By February, I made my decision to start anew and created what is known today as, Sleepless Reads.
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