Monday, 2 January 2017

New Year, New News

Hey everyone! Wow, it has been a long time since I've blogged on Sleepless Reads that I am taken aback by the new blogger format... I gotta say I like it. 

Anyways, my reviews will be coming (I always say that, but it is!)- I recorded a review on my laptop, and here's a screenshot from it:

I recorded this review for the House Between Tides with my laptop (hence the terrible quality), and DEAR LORD I AM SO AWKWARD IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. I recorded this review before school started, and I was in the middle of moving, and it took me forever to edit because I just had so many awkward pauses and veered off script SO MANY TIMES.

BUT, I think I will be doing more video reviews because I got a new camera:

Meet my new baby- it's so beautiful!

Anyways, I have a bunch of reviews set for: Bright Smoke, Cold Fire, The Swan Riders, The Diabolic, and Scribe of Sienna. 

So they're coming-- don't worry! I'll do a Beyonce and surprise you all ;)

Have a nice day!

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