Monday, 6 June 2016

What I've Been Up To...

Let's Start of with a Hello... (it's me).

Hey everyone! It's been a real long time since I've blogged on my book blog, and I am really upset that I have been letting it go.

I have reviews lined up for WEEKS, considering I did keep up with reading while I was away. It's just a matter of going through my Goodreads account, figuring out which books I finished, and remembered what I loved, liked and disliked about each of them.

While I haven't blogged here in a long time, it doesn't mean I haven't given up on book blogging. In fact, book blogging is what got me into my university program in the first place, and because of my love books, reading and connecting with other readers, authors and publishers that I'm currently doing something that I absolutely love for the next four years (and subsequently, for the rest of my life)-- I will always be grateful for the blogger friends I've made, the author friends I've made and the cool people I've met while book blogging.

Although this sounds like a farewell post, it's not. I will be reviewing books for as long as I can, but at the moment I can't actually be posting as frequently-- unless I have it schedule and done beforehand.

This summer, I'm currently working (somewhat sprodic hours) at my part-time job, and doing a lot of unpaid internships for experience. I'm also collaborating with other students in my program for some awesome projects, as well as planning projects myself for the next couple months. Also, I'm trying to enjoy the next four months before I go back to school in September, as this may be the last summer I have off (officially. I figured out my credits situation and how I'm going to graduate in four years with my minor included. And it's going to be REALLY busy).

Why I've been such a ghost lately.

Like I said above, I haven't been blogging in awhile due to school, work, internships, projects and just enjoying my summer in general.

If you're wondering what type of program I'm in, I can tell you it's not a film program nor is it related to anything in the book publishing industry.

I'm currently studying Media Production at Ryerson University. I essentially learn everything in the broadcasting/film industry: from learning how to operate equipment to creating, producing and creating content; from doing graphic design to public relations. I do it all, and I love it, and it's made me busier than before.

A lot of what I do is unpaid at the moment, so when I'm not actually doing something for me, I'm working part-time to pay for school, bills and transportation expenses.

If you wanna see more of what I do, visit my portfolio site:
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