Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tuesday Talks (#9): What to do When You're Out of the Loop

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@missyallydums97), you'll know I received my #TBTBSanta present recently. I'd like to thank Kathy from A Glass of Wine for the present, and please check out her blog here. She reviews books from all genres and categories, so go check her out. 

Also, for #TBTBSanta, I got Emilie from Emilie Book World, and you can check out her blog here. She's a fan of contemporary and romance, so if you have any recs, please tell her! I don't read much in that genre, and felt bad I had nothing to recommend. 

Alrighty, so back to the actual blog post...

It's Christmas break, and I bet a lot of you guys are just settling back into life, and realizing hey, I should probably catch up on reading and/or blogging. And the minute you do, you realize that months have passed, and all the things that you were excited to start reading or blogging about have passed, and that there's a new book/trend that everyone's blogging/talking about.

And it sucks. And now you don't know what to do to get back in the loop.

I totally understand that problem. I'm experiencing it right now, but I do have a couple tricks to get back into that loop:

1. Firstly, I would recommend reading once again: both books and other blogs. Make a dent in your TBR pile, and check out some other bloggers' blogs to get a feel as to what everyone's been up to, and also, leave a nice comment- because reading someone's blog and leaving nice comments are always an easy thing to do, and an easy gift to give this holiday season

2. Another thing I would recommend is go back on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram- all that jazz. It can be a little overwhelming at times, seeing everything being posted at once (well, in Twitter's case), but its a faster way to learn what's going on- but, regardless, #1 is a nice thing to do. However, going on social media is an easier way to reach out to not only your fellow bloggers, but authors as well.

3. Just log in every day. Just once everyday, log in for at least 30 minutes, see what's going on in the blogosphere, and then proceed with the rest of your day.

Okay, so that's it for me this Tuesday. I'm going to go do some practice driving tests before reading for the rest of the night!
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