Monday, 14 December 2015

Review: A Gift of Poison by Kate Avery Ellison

Author: Kate Avery Ellison
Publication date: October 12th 2014
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult
Received from: Xpresso Book Tours

As the orphaned niece of a cruel lord, Briand is the scapegoat of the castle. She has few friends and even fewer options, and every day is a struggle to stay ahead of trouble caused by malicious guards and irritable castle servants.

Briand is set to be banished to the wildlands, a death sentence, when she accidentally unlocks a hidden power and involves herself in a rebel plot and her life abruptly changes.

Imprisoned in the company of a band of rebels, Briand must do what seems impossible: call up sleeping dragons in the north. But the fearsome Prince’s assassins called Seekers are looking for her, Briand doesn’t know if she can trust the mysterious, enigmatic rebel leader Kael, and there might be a traitor in the rebels’ midst.


I was supposed to have this review up by December 4th... it's the 14th- OOPS. In my defence, I finished the book before that, but finals and exams ruined my entire sleeping, reading and eating schedule indefinitely, and I'm just getting my life together.

The story was good for the most part. I think the highlight for me was Briand's character. She was likeable,  but wasn't entirely terrible. At times, she was a bit annoying for me (but I think I was more annoyed with her situation more than anything), but in the end she wasn't a terrible protagonist.

I have never read any stories by Ellison, and in all honesty, this book was okay, but not AMAZING. The synopsis sounds intriguing, but I felt like the characters just hated her for no reason. Like the ending seemed rushed to me, and even in the end, they didn't seem to appreciate Briand's character and her perseverance. 

Overall, the book was okay. It mostly hit all the points it needed too, despite it's rushed ending. I don't really know if I'll read any of Ellison's books after this, but I might. Despite everything, I still finished the book, which is a good sign, and I kept going to see how everything would play out.

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