Friday, 20 November 2015

RTA 103: Farewell, but not Goodbye- to this course, not my blog, fear not my readers!

This is the end... hold your breath and count to ten.... 

Sorry, but I just felt like it was right to quote some Adele since her album just released today. But seriously, its the end, but its not goodbye. Honestly, when I first went to the lecture and the lab, I was expecting that I would be screwed. I was never the best when it came to creating things on photoshop or on the computer in general, but this class was pretty awesome. Laurie was very enthusiastic about what she was talking about, and I actually found myself interesting in what we were learning. And David was cool, and dealt with my crap, so like that's when you know you're amazing.

I became confident in my skills in the software, but I know I have a long way to go. Originally, the plan for me was to go into Television here, but because of this course, I'm contemplating on taking some Digital Media courses next year. I learned a lot, and I think one thing the most important thing that I learned was not to play safe. You'll never know your real potential if you don't play around with After Effects.

I'll miss this class, most definitely, but I learned a lot that I'll never forget.
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