Friday, 2 October 2015

RTA 103: Your Digital Footprint/Progress on Album Cover

During this week's lecture, we learned about our digital footprint. As a blogger, I was really aware that a person's digital person can either make or break a person, because hiding things online is near to impossible. I was also already well informed about the concept of having multiple identities, no matter who you were; we don't act the same we do in person to everyone we know or meet, and we most definitely won't act the same way online, especially if you use your online identity to build your career. One thing that I was surprised to learn was the growing extent of websites catering to your online searches. I was already aware of that because I learned it in marketing class in high school, but after the lecture and learning about the Target story, it's really changing my perception on the online advertising world.

I am aware that, as a blogger, I have a HUGE digital footprint, as I use various social media sites and have various emails for my personal and professional life. I have no idea how I am supposed to change this, because it does play a big role in my life, and I think the only thing I can do is try keeping my identity safe by properly reading security agreements and updates. 

After hearing some of the stories of my classmates and their experiences with online mishaps, I think a person's identity is 100% important, and keeping it safe is really important online. While I think using online platforms looking for work is fine, I think we should keep our cards closed, even if we know someone we're adding online, because the information could fall in the wrong hands.


For my assignment, I am doing an album cover for Coeur de Pirate's lead single off her newest album Rose entitle Carry On (French title: Oublie Moi).

When I was brainstorming what I was supposed to do for the assignment, I was actually listening to the song, and knew right away I wanted to do an album cover for it. The picture above right now is just a background. I chose this read/pinkish colour to symbolize heart/love, and the streaks represent the heart ache and confusion from the song. I know it's still a base, but I am still experimenting with textures for the streaks going across; it's sort of a nod to the actual album cover, were there is an overlay of different water colours. It's a work in progress, but I recently just scanned my hand drawn logo onto my USB, and I can't wait to add it on and put the typography so it would stop looking so plain.

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