Friday, 9 October 2015

RTA 103: Album Cover + Artist Statement

For this class, I was given the task to create an album cover, poster or infographic on anything that we  wanted or made up- but everything we used had to be our own.

I decided to create album artwork for Coeur de Pirate's song, Carry On (known as Oublie Moi in French). Note: this isn't my final copy.

Artists' Statement:

For this first assignment, I decided to create an album cover for Coeur de Pirate’s single, Carry On (known as Oublie Moi in French), which is featured on her album, Roses.
Originally, I started with a water-colour background using various shades of pink, and later adding dark streaks across my cover to represent the contrast between the upbeat tempo of the song and the sadness of the lyrics. I later retracted this idea and decided to just keep the pink background and add roses onto it. I decided to do this to pay homage to her album title, and use the shades of pink as a bit of a pun: rose in French means “pink”.
I hand drew the stitched heart and most of the written work, with the exception of the title of the song; I did this because I wanted to represent the feminine and edgy style she has. I also created the stitched heart to represent the pain she repeats in her lyrics, and the “closed eyes” on it is actually a nod towards the artist herself. Her other albums all feature side portraits for her, and her 60s inspired eye make is something that stuck with me and was the main reason as to why I featured it.
My target demographic are her fans, males and females from who vary from different backgrounds ages. However, I am also trying to reach beyond her demographic: I am trying to appeal to a larger English audience (hence the English title), as she widely known in Quebec and French speaking countries, despite the fact that she does make half the songs on her album in English. I really wanted to create something that would get other people interested and compelled to buy her song, and hopefully afterwards, album.
To create this album cover, I used Photoshop CC 2015, and opened a new file 4.75”x4.75” at 100pi. My base pink colour was made by using different shades and brushes at different opacities. I then added the roses using a two different rose brush tools and used the sharpen tool to bring out the different colours. I then added my sketches onto my album, and coloured the inside of the heart with another shade of pink. I saved this PSD as a JPEG, after I realized saving it as a GIF made the quality of the album cover look pixelated.

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