Friday, 18 September 2015

RTA 103 #2: CRAP! And Who Said Design Principles Weren't Cool?

This week in RTA 103 we learned about CRAP! It's not the type that you're thinking of- it's an acronym for design principles: contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. With CRAP, we're essentially able to pick out how ads appeal to us, and why they are very (or not so very) affective.

This first ad uses contrast, as the lighting in the photo goes from dark (top), to light (bottom). The reason why there is contrast here is to shed light at the gun's reloads, where you'll find pencils instead of bullets, to emphasize that ideas are worth fighting for. It uses alignment as well, as the writing "Fight for Your Ideas" is slightly slanted towards the main focal point of the poster (the reloader). Also, proximity is used as the wording for this poster is further and smaller than the image, making the readers drawn towards the compelling image first.

This ad does a good job at impacting their readers as it is something that leads the eye towards the pencils. However, I find that the placing of the actual message at the top isn't right. I understand that maybe the reason that the words are placed at the top is so that it can balance the rest of the ad out, but i would've preferred if the writing was near the bottom by the bottom of the barrel, as the eye naturally leads towards that end regardless. 

This second ad uses almost all the design principles as well. There is contrast between the woman's body and the colours of the photo, as well as contrast between the colouring of the first two lines and the rest of the writing on the ad. It uses also uses alignment with the curve of the words to mimic the woman's pose. The ad does a good job incorporating the principles, however, I feel like the alignment is off. I just feel like the alignment of words should be closer to her body, near her arms.


Alongside identifying CRAP! in modern day ads, posters, albums etc, we also had to look for modern day designs based on historical posters.

The first one here (from the Modern Art Movement section) is an example of how Picasso's Vase of Flowers inspired the Kartamira Travel Company ad, as well as the Altezza Cafe ad I found online.

The second one (from the Beauty of  London in Design) shows an advertisement of footwear. This advertisement below shows not only the brand being advertised well, but what's being marketed. It's a clever way to show that our footwear is for the everyday Londoner, and you should buy a pair.

The image right below it is a modern take on the advertisement. The ad below is for a band called "Vampire Weekend", and their tour dates around the UK. What makes this ad a nice modern day version of the poster above are the passengers on the bus. Above, the passengers on the bus where the footwear being marketed; below, they show animals riding (which symbolizes the craziness of the concerts) who are actually vampires (to represent their fans).

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  1. This RTA thing sounds awesome! It sounds like you're learning a lot, which is great, and I agree with everything you said about the first ad.

    By the way, thanks for your comment on my review of Like It Never Happened. It's too bad you didn't like it as much as I did, although I understand your thoughts on the characters - I feel like you have to either love them or hate them. And thanks for your compliment on my design! I did it myself in Photoshop using images and fonts people were nice enough to license for free noncommercial use. :)


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