Thursday, 10 September 2015

RTA 103 #1: Who Are You? Who Will You Be?

My first impression of the term "digital media" was just it's literal media: digital media. Electronic media. I thought the word only meant social media, news websites and blogs, like Youtube, Twitter and Blogger. My narrow minded perspective of the term before my first Digital Media class was probably due to my limited experience. 

As a blogger (and as a teenager in general), always assumed my experience of the internet (and by default, most of digital media) was better than most. I used various social media networks (eg. Twitter, Facebook etc) for my blog, and websites to keep me connected with other bloggers (eg. Bloglovin, Goodreads etc). And for personal use, I have a slew of other social media accounts that would probably take up this whole entire post. Alright, that's an exaggeration, but you get the point, right? I guess my experience with digital media is thorough, but now I realized that I have more experience than I thought because digital media isn't limited to apps or websites. Students should take the Digital Media course to further their knowledge on their experience of what digital media actually is.

I look forward to learning more about different forms of media in this course, especially how to create different forms of media; one of the things that Laurie mentioned we'd learn about was typography, and I am actually interested to learn about that. As for what I'm looking forward to overall in RTA? I have no idea. I think just feeling proud of something I worked so hard on is something that I look forward to, aside from making new friends and getting to actually learn about the industry I want to get into at a professional level. I guess the reason why my goal is to be proud of something I create is because I expect a lot of challenges/failures (and also, lots of critiques), because I know once that's over, once I've reached the lowest point, it will motivate me to work harder on my ideas and motivate me to put in my all in something I love. I think aside from the technical stuff, by the end of the course, I expect to achieve 1) thicker skin 2) to use the critique given to me to go above and beyond expectations, and 3) just have fun.
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