Monday, 17 August 2015

Blogaversary Day#1: The Rules and The First Prize

I just realized my mistake with my banner… I’ll fix it tomorrow…

I know I said this blogaversary would start on Saturday, but I forgot that I worked on Friday, and then my family and I decided to hang out together on the weekend, and I just got to a computer… so here I am. Woo!

There’s a lot of differences between this year’s blogaversary than previous years, and you’re all going to see that in the following posts to come: I didn’t really prepare for this. Last year, I actually didn’t have a blogaversary because I was just getting back into the cycle of normal life after spending a month in Quebec, learning French. But the year before that, I did have a lot more authors and prizes, however I didn’t have much to prepare this year because I was distracted by turning 18 and university and such.

However, I am making it up to you all. Due to the fact that I decided to quit my job (I still mull over as to why I did, but it happened so I got to let it go and get ready for a fresh new start), I can’t really spend much money on shipping because I am going to start school fairly soon (and most of my extra money is going to be spent on commuting, unless I can find another job), so I will be doing a lot of ebook giveaways t