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Blogaversary Day #2: Bookish Book Theories- The Last Hours Part 2

Guess who didn’t wake up early enough, spend the whole day running errands, and realizing when she got home she had work and wouldn’t have time to post this earlier? Yeah, I know. I’m AMAZING at time management.

Anyways, if it was unclear on yesterdays post, the prize is any novella of choice from Cassandra Clare’s Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy. And yes, this first give away is ONLY open to Canada and the US.

So I hope you figured out yesterday’s code, because it’s going to give you lots of points. Also, I forgot to mention that all the winners will be announced next Tuesday.

With that being said, here is my second Bookish Book Theories post on the Last Hours… Because I can.


If you’re wondering why I’m posting a part two to this thing (you can read the first one here), it’s because I am a huge fan of the Infernal Devices trilogy, and am super excited for TLH. I enjoyed The Mortal Instruments enough, but my heart belongs to TID, with TLH and the soon to be released Lady Midnight (first book of the Dark Artifices—that’s the trilogy after the Mortal Instruments) competing for second place (because BLACKTHORNS, BLACKTHORNS EVERYWHERE).

However, I am a totally stoked to see all the TID characters as adults. Alright, I’m REALLY excited for older Will Herondale as a father (which is why I read all the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy novellas in order so far… I’m taking in as much info as I can). But since there are already so many teasers and portraits of the TLH characters, it gives me a bigger chance to speculate and guess what’s going to happen, because, other than The Midnight Heir and the novella flashbacks from TFSA, there isn’t much to go on. Which makes this really fun, because I really want Cassie to tell me which are on point and which are not.

  1. Jordelia Heronstairs
    My biggest ship at the moment, and I know for a fact that the heartache I felt for all the other ships in the other series won’t be compared to their relationship. In the first part of this BBT, I guessed that maybe Jamie and Cordy will get married to save Lucie (James’s younger sister, and Cordelia’s parabatai) from marrying Alistair, Cordelia’s older, obnoxious, annoying and just plain mean brother (if you read the TFSA novella, Nothing But Shadows, you’ll understand why). I still believe that Jamie and Cordy are going to save Lucie from a loveless and miserable marriage by getting married themselves to pacify Will’s love for the Carstairs family and wanting to be one for them, but I also believe in something else…
    In one of Cassie’s tweets, she mentioned that “James sets something on fire” in the series, and I remember seeing a tumblr post mention that one of the Lightwood houses was burnt and that they believed James did it. While I’m not 100% on board with this theory (we also have to remember, Valentine burned a lot of houses during the Uprising, so maybe this person mistaked a Lightwood manor for it?), I feel that James sets something really important on fire to the point where he is to be stripped of his marks or something of that grandeur to the point where Cordelia’s good family name, OR EVEN BETTER, CORDELIA MAKING A PROMISE TO ALISTAR FOR SOMETHING IF HE TALKS TO CHARLES BUFORD TO SAVE HIS ASS BECAUSE HE WAS HAVNG ONE OF HIS MOODS, and has to marry her.
    Or, maybe because they waltz so much during a winter ball (that snippet we were given), that Cordelia’s mom or someone forced them to marry because they were to close, and oh, the scandal!
    Regardless, I feel that their relationship as a married couple will be a slow burn. James is still reeling from his heartache with Grace, and Cordelia’s going to have to deal with a lot of jealousy, anger and shock when she first realizes that he was in love with Grace, and wonder if their marriage has a basis for love. We are told that they will get married early on in the series, and-- OH DEAR LORD, as long as it isn’t a mirror to the relationship of Jace’s parents, I think I could live. BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW HOW WONDERFUL THAT WAS RIGHT?
  2. Christopher and Grace, and the Four Musketeers
    Okay, so we’re told that the family tree is contains false information (which I believe), and that one of the marriages on it is a political one/a sham, and I feel like it’s a toss up between Christopher and Grace’s and some other character who will make an appearance later in this post.
    But at the same time, I’m a firm believer that their relationship has some potential for love. Or maybe it’s just the cannon shipper in me.
    Anyways, we know that after Nothing but Shadows and what Cassie has told us, that James, Matthew, Thomas and Christopher are always together in a group. We learned that Christopher (and this is a minor spoiler) is not always 100% there, but is a curious mind- he really is a scientist- and he would not do anything to intentionally harm a person.
    I totally believe that Grace is going to be forced, by Tatiana, to tear the group apart. We already know Matthew will be a fan of Grace (despite the fact he has no idea who she is), as she’s who’s driving his parabatai to a point of no return and really just wants to see him go back to normal (we see this when he says “But is it wise to prove James isn’t a lunatic?” in a teaser). I can imagine Thomas just being torn between sides, and probably choose Matthew as he’s the most sane, and then all Grace has to do is drive Christopher deeper into his experiments to completely forget them… and then realize he’s not like the rest.
    While James and Grace have known each other for longer, Christopher (as we’ve seen so far) has a very childlike manner with him, in the sense that he’s awkward and in his own world, but has the intensity  and wisdom of someone older… someone that doesn’t judge right away because he’s a scientist, and they always dig deeper to find the true meaning and essence of something… and then Grace falls in love with him and they live happily ever after, and so do Cordy and Jamie… you can see a pattern here, can’t you?
  3. The Mysterious Anna Lightwood

In the first part, I mentioned that Grace might have Anna under her spell, and I feel like she might, but I didn’t really speculate how she ended up falling to her charms, since she’s the seemingly sane one at the moment.

After reading the teaser, in which Cordelia informs someone (probably Lucie, her mom or nosy Alistar) that she’s going to have tea with Anna Lightwood… in which in another teaser, Anna states that tea is only an excuse for “a clandestine agenda”.

I believe that Cordelia teams up with Anna to figure out what’s wrong with James, because 1) it won’t put a strain on her friendship with Lucie, and 2) Anna seems like a character that can figure out things easily and read people like an open book, so I bet you she totally knows that Cordelia has a crush on James, so she’s up for it.

  1. The Fairchilds
    Matthew is my baby. I love him so much. Charles Buford? Well, that’s hard because we don’t know much about him.
    Actually, Charles’ portrait does mention his flower, and we all know that those portraits and flowers drawn by Cassandra Jean do reflect the characters traits, or something that’s important with said character in the novel(s).
    While Matthew is the loveable, easy going brother, Charles is the most uptight person ever, because he wants to be Consul. Because ever since he was a kid, Charlotte has been telling him that he’s GOING TO BE Consul. We actually see proof of this in a comic strip drawn by Cassandra Jean that depicts how James Herondale got his name, where Charlotte scolds Charles (though she wasn’t seen) that he’s a naughty boy for playing with a toddler Anna, and later scolds him for doing something when they leave the room to let Will and Tessa talk, telling him he’ll never be Consul if he’s doing THAT.
    I’m not saying that Charlotte is a bad mom—she’s far from that. She raised Jem, Will and Jessamine—and those last two were a piece of WORK! She probably was really stressed out with being Consul, a mother and a wife, that at times, she gets aggravated and says things that she never means (like all of us), and that inadvertedly affected Charles.
    We all know Matthew is the loveable one, the social one… well, what if another reason why they didn’t get along is because Charles was/is jealous of his brother? That his “concealed love” on his portrait/flower card on the Shadowhunters Wikia is just proof he really is a loving character, and loves more than we all like him to think, and that maybe he just wants to be able to show his love without being called out for it.
  2. Will… What war?
    I forget which book or novella I read it in, but I specially remember Jace saying that he does know about the Herondales, about his ancestor Will, who stopped a huge demon invasion.
    So, I guess we all know what TLH is going to involve? That war that Tessa claims isn’t real.
    I feel like Tatiana will actually cause this war. In the Midnight Heir, we learn that she’s desperate enough to use Dark Magic to get Jesse back, and I feel like the deals and bargains she made will be a consequence of that war.
    Or maybe Jamie setting something on fire will be the reason why the war starts.


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