Thursday, 25 June 2015

I am alive + giveaway info post

Hello everyone! I know I haven’t posted since the beginning of the month (despite the fact that I promised that I would post more), but a lot has been going on in my life!


Aside from the usual crazy shifts at work, CPT and exam workload was thrown on top of it, and then I was so busy that all my extra time was devouted to catching up on the sleep that I missed the night before.


However, this year marks a special year for me, because I graduated from high school literally yesterday!


The way we do it from where I’m from, we have prom after exams and before grad. This year, exams finished on Friday June 19th, so our prom landed on the Monday following. And then grad happened yesterday- Wednesday- and it was surreal! After four years of hard work, it is crazy realizing that I was finally free and entering another four more years of craziness and fun.


While I didn’t necessarily cry during our ceremony (I’m a firm believer of letting the past go and moving on, and if I ever meet anyone from my past ever again, it’s because it was meant to be), I did tear up during the speeches—the majority of my time was devouted to trying to sit through the uneasiness of hunger (my last name starts with a “T” so it’s at the bottom of the list”), trying not get rained on (the air conditioner on my side of the centre was leaking and spraying water EVERYWHERE), and trying to stay awake.


But despite the craziness of the last couple weeks- ESPECIALLY the last couple days- I wouldn’t trade it in for the world. I made great memories with amazing people that have made my last four years- especially my senior one- enjoyable, and I wish them the best in their future endeavors- I swear, we’ll see each other again.


Now that the sappy part of my post is over, let’s move on to the thing that I KNOW you’ve all been waiting for:


Yes, I have been suggesting a giveaway for months now, and I really am in dire need in cleaning out my shelf. So there will be a couple of giveaways going to happen on my blog (unfortunately, due to Canadian postage costs, most of them will be CAN only!), and the biggest one will happen on my 3 year blogging blogaversary on August 22nd, 2015, and yes, that one will include international giveaways!


So the first of the giveaways is going to start REALLY soon! So keep an eye out on my posts!


And also, check out my review of A Book of Spirits and Thieves and my Fangirl Friday post on Historical Hotties tomorrow!
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