Thursday, 4 June 2015

ARC Review: Galgorithm by Aaron Karo

Author: Aaron Karo
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date:
Received from: publisher
Status: standalone

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

A romantic comedy about high school, heartbreak, and having all the answers.

What if the secrets of dating and love were revealed in one simple formula? That's the tantalizing proposition high school senior Shane Chambliss offers the hopeless and hapless guys who come to him for relationship advice.

After the girl of his dreams breaks his heart, Shane devises a mysterious formula called the Galgorithm and establishes himself as the resident dating guru at Kingsview High School. But his attempts to master the art of romance go outrageously awry.

As Shane tries to navigate the ensuing drama, he must follow his heart, abandon all the rules, and ignore his own advice in a quest for true love. What he discovers, no formula could ever predict...


Galogorithm is a witty romantic comedy about a teenage "Hitch" who learns about how love really works when he starts falling in love himself.

The novel is about high school senior, Shane Chambliss, a teenage match maker who has an endless amount of advice for guys. After a terrible relationship that leaves him heart broken, he developed a formula to help fellow geeks to win the girl of their dreams. His formula (which he wittingly calls galgorithm) is based on just pure observation. Because of his formula, he doesn't believe in the stereotypical "she's out of my league" excuse, as he reinforces that being different and confident does work.

While the whole novel may seem as a generalization as women as "easy solutions", it's not. The novel is really about learning how to be confident enough to go up to a person, say hi, and hit it off. There's no degrading of women in the sense that she's an object, but merely the guys' side of the geeky "falling in love" story.

The book had nice characters, and I enjoyed the main female character, Jak, as well. It was easy to relate her anxieties, and her ability to ruin the perfect moment. I did thoroughly enjoy the novel as a whole, and loved the humour in Karo's writing that delivered the dialogue and the conflict of the story nicely.

If you're looking for a nice, easy romance novel that's not about a girl tumbling through the hardships of falling in love, pick up Galgorithm!

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