Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Tuesday Talks (#7): Senioritis, and how to get out of a reading funk!

It's Tuesday everyone, and I literally had to drag myself to the computer to write this post!

If you've read some of my previous posts here and on twitter, you've probably figured out that I'm graduating high school in less than a month. And you know that that means?

This senior "disease" which sounds like another word for strep-throat is actually a real thing. I'm constantly procrastinating (more severely than usual), always tired, and really lazy. I guess you get a form of this during the second semester of every year, but honestly, it's hit a new low as I actually don't really care much about my grades anymore- which is REALLY out of character for me.

Because of this, I haven't been really caring much about anything, except for my university stuff that I have to do- pay for my tuition deposit, apply for loans and scholarships, and work so I can get more money to save for next year.

But, I can say that I'm slowly battling senioritis little by little, using my blog as a way to end this cycle of unending laziness. And this is MY helpful tip to all those senior student bloggers feeling the blunt end of senioritis right now!

Currently, I'm reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue, a book that I can usually finish in literally a few hours, but am currently taking several weeks to read. But I'm reading it slowly, so I can immerse myself back into reading. I feel like if you rush into too many books too quickly, you actually push yourself and it will motivate you not to read.

So for any of you guys in a MAJOR reading funk, pick up a book that YOU want read, and read it at your OWN pace! And if you're torn about which book to read (like me), then I suggest doing the following:

  1.              Line up all the books that you want to read. Spread them out anywhere!
  2.           Read each synopsis one by one, and them place them back in their spot. If you're one of those readers that don't read synopsis', skip this step.
  3.          Look at each book and ask yourself: which is the most intriguing? Which has the best cover? Which one will leave me with the most feels or will leave me in book mourning?
  4.          Choose your book!
This is usually what I do to decide what to read next! Usually, I go on twitter to ask you guys for advice, or sometimes I message my friends with pics and ask them which book I should read. However, if you're like me, and everyone votes for one book, then I do the following steps above. HOWEVER, if you really are indecisive, then use some of the extra books below!
  1.         Still undecided at this point? Then write a each book title on a piece of paper, and choose 3 titles from a hat (or a shoebox if you don't own any hats like me).
  2.         Rank them from most likely to read to not likely to read at the moment
  3.        Choose one, and voila! You have a book to read.
But, if you're someone short with time, may I suggest the old grab-a-book-by-it's-spin and read option!

Anyways, I hope these tips will help you get out of your reading funk, and I hope that to all my fellow 2K15 Grads, that you'll be able to finish the school year without senioritis fully engulfing you!

Have a great Tuesday guys- I have to go finish my creative writing portfolio!
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