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Tour Stop: ARC Review- Chantress Fury by Amy Butler Greenfield

Chantress Fury (Chantress Trilogy #3)
288 pages
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release Date: May 19th, 2015
The sea is coming. We are coming. And we will drown you all.
With a song, Lucy can control the wind and the water; she can bring castles and kingdoms to their feet. Since Lucy mastered her powers, King Henry has kept her close as he’s rebuilt England. She’s his best ally—and his workhorse. And now he’s called her to investigate attempted murder: His men claim they were almost killed on the Thames…by a mermaid. All Lucy can glean from the creature they’ve captured is a warning: The sea is coming. We are coming. And we will drown you all. 
And then the floods begin. Swaths of London are submerged as the people scramble to defend themselves against the water—and the monsters—that are flooding their streets. As mistrust of Lucy's magic grows, the king relies on Nat, Lucy's great love, to guide them through the storm. But Nat is cold and distant to Lucy. He swore his love only a year before, and now he calls her “stranger.”
Lucy is determined to defeat this powerful new magic alone if she must. But then she hears an eerie song within the water…can it mean that she’s not the last Chantress after all? 
Sweepingly romantic and crackling with magic, Chantress Fury triumphantly concludes the powerful Chantress trilogy.
This story revolves around Lucy, and her journey of figuring out what she wants in life- and who she wants to be.

Taking place a year after the events of Chantress Alchemy, Lucy has been working for King Henry to "unify" England. However, with her new duties, comes along isolation and estrangement from her friend (and now Queen) Sybil, her loving nurse Norrie, and of course, her one true love, Nat. Their lives are on very different paths, and it seems to Lucy, that they'll never be together again- especially when sea monsters start reeking havoc amongst their people, and she's being blamed for all the disaster. 

In my opinion, I felt that this book was amazing. The stakes were higher for all the characters (especially for Lucy), and their lives were much more dangerous than before.

What makes this book stand out from the first two in the trilogy is the fact that Licy stands alone in this one- she has no Nat, no Sybil, and no Norrie. While she's surrounded by loving and caring people, they all now have their own lives and problems to deal with, so she now has to take care of herself.

Initially, I felt like that the characters were so different, but then it took me a few pages in to realize that they were, because it's been a year since they've all been together. And now, they have separate lives, separate problems, and I felt so bad for Lucy, because while there were people there to help her, they never truly understood the burden that came with being a Chantress. 

I love Lucy's character development- she went from being a naive and sheltered girl from an obscured island, to being hunted, to being a leader. She's wonderful in this book, and her pain and struggle really do touch your heart. 

Another thing about this book is the plot. There was a lot of mythology that I found interesting to learn about, and I also found Greenfield's usage of "fairy" interesting in this book as well. The plot wasn't so overwhelmingly strong as it was in book 2, because I felt like this book mostly revolved around their relationships.

This book could be read as a standalone in some ways, because of the time frame. The characters in books 1 and 2 are completely different than the characters in this book. They're much more mature, alive, and alert, which makes Chantress Fury a perfect Sleepless Read!


Amy Butler Greenfield was a grad student in history when she gave into temptation and became a writer. Since then, she has become an award-winning author. 
Amy grew up in the Adirondack Mountains and later studied history at Williams College, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Oxford. She now lives with her family in England, where she writes, bakes double-dark-chocolate cake, and plots mischief.

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