Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tuesday Talks (#6): Confessions of a Blogger

Hey everyone! I hope you're having a great day!

So yesterday, Lucy from The Queen of Contemporary, made this post called Confessions of a Blogger. It was a nice, simple post where she confessed some of her blogging habits and you can check it out here. Inspired by her post, I decided to share some of my, not so great, habits!

1. I spend too much time planning out time to blog than ACTUALLY doing it. 

Just like Lucy, I seem to spend too much time planning blog posts than actually posting. It's not that I don't want to, but it's because I just get lazy. There, I said it. I get lazy. I'm still in high school, so when I'm bored in class, I take out my notebook and start writing or, planning out things I'm going to be blogging about. But by the time I get home, I get exhausted, so I just don't blog. Yeah.

2. I write reviews on my phone.

This is one main reason why my reviews seem so inconstant when it comes to format on my blog. There are days when I actually spend time and make my reviews sound awesome and professional, but most times, I write joy notes on my phone and then do my best to make it into an actual review. And sometimes, I do write it out, but on my phone, and then I get too lazy to edit so I just copy and past it to my blogger app. Yup.

3. I use 3 computers and a cellphone to blog. Sometimes all at once.

The computer is essential to blogging (because without it, you can't do anything). I however, need to use 3: my desktop, my dad's desktop in the basement, and my dad's laptop. And then my cellphone. Most times, I use my phone because it's easier to post things and it's faster than all 3 of my computers combined! But when I do have to use an actual computer, I'm running between 3 floors. The reason is, my main desktop got a huge virus. I bought anti-spyware, but there's still ads... Everywhere, and my dad is too lazy to get it fixed. The laptop is also infected, but not badly, and it's the best to use because it's portable, but my favourite is the computer in the basement. The only problem? It has really old flash and I'm not downloading anything on it because it's my dad's recording computer. In other words, if you're wondering why my blog looks weird/why my posts are inconstant, this is why.

4. Sometimes, I avoid blogging.

Ordinary people don't really understand that blogging is, essentially, a full time job. Sometimes, I get really overwhelmed with school work or homework that I just can't blog. But there are those days when, after doing a bunch of stuff (ex, an assignment, coming home from work early etc), I just choose not to blog and sleep. 

5. Without the Internet, this blog wouldn't be possible

I like technology, but it doesn't seem to like me back. And in my defence, I don't have the proper tools to practice it. Fun fact: I'm going into media next year and I can barely edit my own blog. Without the help of the internet, all the stuff on my blog would NOT be here. I literally watch tutorials on everything!

So that's it for me! What are some of your blogger confessions? 

Have a great day!
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