Monday, 20 April 2015

Monday Musings (#3): Writing Tips

Ever have writer's block? I know I have countless times. And it's very annoying when I get it, because it's usually during the worst times- like during writers' craft class.

But I have found some little tricks to help avoid this problem. It isn't a permanent solution, but it does help at times.

1. Follow a prompt blog or find a prompt generator

When I'm stuck in the middle of writing, I usually go to one of the tumblr blogs or Pinterest boards I follow to look for a prompt. I usually look for a word, phrase or a photo that relates to what I was writing about to help me get back on track. Note: don't spend too much time looking for a prompt.

A blog I recommend is WriteWorld. It's a blog on tumblr with both pictures and prompts that are posted frequently!


2. Always keep a journal on hand and write things down frequently. 

Keeping a journal and writing things down is something I picked up from my fifth grade teacher. He always told us to keep a notebook (or at least have paper and pen on us at all times) to write any little idea that comes to mind.

I always have a notebook in my school bag or purse when I go out, and write things down if something inspires me or if I suddenly get the urge to write.

Keeping a journal not only keeps track of your ideas, but can be helpful when writing something- you'll be surprised at what you can use!

3. Take a break

Sometimes, you won't be in the mood to write, even though you have to or if you promised yourself you will. It's not bad to actually take a break. Sometimes you need a breather, so go walk, or have a snack, or take a little nap. Note: try not to nap too long, or you might really avoid writing, and try to avoid social media as well.

4. Listen to music

I actually find listening to music might be helpful. For some people, this isn't the best advice, but it does get me in the mood.

Sometimes, if I listen to a song before I actually start writing, it can get me in the mood. There are times when I turn it off completely after listening it once, but there are times where I do leave it on while I am writing (but the volume is really low).

So those are some writing prompt tips, and I hope they help you with your writing! What are some of your writing tips to get the writing going? 

Happy Monday!
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