Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Tuesday Talks (#4): PROM- What is even a dress?!

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday!
I know my blog doesn't look great at the moment, but none of my computers are able to change the template. Why? I don't know. Maybe blogger has something against PCs. Or Internet Explorer. Or both (I feel like it's both). Anyways, today's post isn't about my crappy computers or the sad state of my blog, but about:


Yes, that's right! I decided to go to prom a couple days ago and bought my prom ticket! I originally was against the whole idea of prom, and did NOT want to go. I mean, I love parties, but something as expensive and cliché as prom didn't seem right for me.

What I really wanted to do was skip prom altogether, and then beg them to let me travel this summer as a grad/18th birthday present. But, after they flat out rejected my idea, I decided prom it is then!

Since I'm going with my friend Claudia (we know we won't find dates, so we decided to go with each other), the prospect of prom isn't that bad. However, looking for a prom dress is another story!

So recently, I've been looking online for prom dresses and I am essentially disgusted by what I've found. I don't understand the ideas that designers have when creating these dresses, but someone PLEASE explain to me why each dress has to be a) strapless 98% of the time b) WAAY too blingy and c) WAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY to bright. I mean, I want to look good, feel comfortable enough to move around/dance in, and oh yeah, to NOT look like a pylon or a fire hydrant that night.

Like, why is it so hard to find a nice, clean cut dress in store?

Recently, I've noticed that most stores with prom dresses are just not even decent looking. But if they are to you, I apologize, they aren't my style; I'm practically wearing one of my old recital dresses.

However, I found this awesome store online called Boutique 1861. They're based in Montreal, Quebec, but their dresses are so beautiful, so classy, and some of them come at really affordable prices. Dresses range from about $60+ to about a little over $300, which isn't too bad. And they also give you measurement sizes for everything- they even sell wedding dresses!

While my prom isn't till June, I still want to find a dress soon, you know? Girls in my grade have been creating pages for prom dresses on Instagram and Facebook, and I hate how they've found a dress so quickly!

So, are you going to prom? If so, have you already found your dress? And for those who have already lived through their prom experience, how was dress shopping?

I hope you all have a great rest of your Tuesday!! And just a heads up, this won't be the last time you see Prom popping up as the topic for Tuesday Talks!

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