Thursday, 26 February 2015

I Need YOUR Opinion!

Hello my sleepless readers, I hope you're all having a wonderful Thursday!

Many of you might not know, but I have been blogging under Sleepless Reads for a year now (this blog turned 1 years old on February 2nd without me noticing!), and well, not much has changed with my blog's looks.

For me, I have trouble updating this blog because it sends an error message every time I try to change the colour, size, side bars etc. At first I thought that my computer's are old (which they are), but then I remember I posted my problem on twitter and another blogger had the same problem and their computer was newer than my own. Is it because I still have Windows, or that I own a PC? When I changed the background of my blog from pink to the white colour I have now, I did it on my dad's iPad. So does that mean blogger doesn't fully support my computer?

Anyways, I'm straying from my point. I haven't changed much on my blog (aside from my technical difficulties) because I don't know what to do with it!

I need your opinion as to what I should do to change my blog! Should I change the header and the button? The colour scheme? Should I change the side bars? Anything?!

So leave a comment below, and help me make my blog even more gorgeous than it is! :)
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