Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tuesday Talks (#3): Exams

Hey everyone! I know I promised that this week I'd talk about prom, but since it IS exam time, it made more sense that it was the focus of today's post as well.

Yesterday, I posted my exam playlist and talked about how I loved listening to upbeat music while studying.

BUT in reality, I haven't been studying as MUCH as I should be this year (which is bad, because I'm going to university next year, and I need a really nice average if I want a good entrance scholarship).

However, in my defense, my first exam is a drama exam. Then I have an AP French exam (but not my actual AP exam, it's just a regular French exam. But it's still in another language, so yeah, pretty difficult). And then, I have an English exam.

And then, I'm free. Friday seems so far away.

Although I love English, I never fully understood how there's an exam for it (just like how I never fully understood how there's a written exam for drama).

Better yet, how am I even supposed to study for an English exam...

In other words, I have no idea how I'm supposed to study. I mean, there's one portion of the exam where I have to know a quote from Hamlet (and there's a lot), who's speaking, whom they are speaking to, and it's dramatic significance. And we don't even have a clue what the quotes are... we were only given, you know, 4 pages of quotes when we're supposed to identify 3...

So, while go conjugate some French verbs and see if I can memorize 48 quotes from Hamlet, share some exam studying tips that you have, or some crazy exam stories below!

Have a nice Tuesday guys!

Oh, and All Fall Down by Ally Carter is out today! Go grab your copy!

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