Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tuesday Talks (#1): New Year Resolutions- Sort of

Hey guys! It's Tuesday, and like I promised, I will be doing a lot more blogging. And already, I missed one new feature, Monday Musings, because I worked on Monday.

Sorry about that everyone.

And for today's Tuesday Talks, I just wanted to focus on New Years Resolutions (seeing as that I already sort of broke mine).

Why is it, that we make resolutions on New Years? Now, I understand that a new year = new memories, but why on January 1st? Why not, let's say, on your birthday, when you're a whole year older? When there are newer possibilities? (Unless, your birthday is January 1st, then go ahead).

I never really understood the proper concept of having resolutions, because we always seem to break them (my inconsistent blogging is proof of that). I guess that's why I never really make any before.

By definition, a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something (at least, in the sense we are talking about). I find it a little unreasonable to use such a strong word for a promise you know you will break. I'm not saying it's impossible to keep a resolution, but I feel like it's not the best word.

I feel like New Year Goals is a better term, although I will admit that it does not have that great of a ring to it.

Anyways, I like the word 'goal' better, because it is something you can work towards, and not something you have to do definitely.

And with that, here are my New Year Goals!

  • READ MORE! Because no reading = no reviews. And no reviews = no blogging. So reading more consistently is a new goal of mine, since senior year has been screwing everything up so far...
  • DO A BETTER JOB in staying connected with other bloggers, authors and other cool bookish people on the interwebs :D After the Explore program, I feel like I've been out of the blogging loop for so long. Like, what is up sleepless readers? What is going on!?!
  • Learn how to use photoshop. Like actually learn how to use it. I don't have photoshop or my own laptop/computer, so this should be interesting. I really need to work on this goal because I need to learn how to make my own blog stuff. Like the reason why all my banners and ENTIRE blog looks the same is because my friend that usually does my stuff is now working as well, and has as little time as I do to do ANYTHING.
  • Start getting used to posting more than one post per day.
  • Do a better job in shipping giveaway stuff. I still owe Stephanie from Ohana Reads a book and swag, and it's been hard delivering things, considering the fact I don't drive and going to the post office for me is a mission. I feel like I'll be better at this, especially since I started working. BUT CANADIAN SHIPPING COSTS THOUGH!
  • ACTUALLY attend book signings. Seeing as that I live a little further away from most major book signings, this is actually going to be really interesting. And I don't drive, which makes it a little harder. So, in all honesty, if I at least go to one, I'll consider this goal fulfilled.
  • Have a 100 blog posts by my birthday in August. I think this is a reasonable goal, but considering my crazy and unpredictable schedule, meh. This will be interesting!
  • MAYBEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE start booktubing? This has been a goal of mine for so long, and I have forever wanted to join the online booktubing community, but unfortunately, NONE of my computers at home have any editing software (like, I don't even have Windows Movie Maker... yeah) or a nice proper camera. Although, I have seen other booktubers use their phones, so maybe I'll be okay on this front.
  • Never stop blogging. No matter what. This was my biggest regret in 2014, and I feel like I will be able to do a better job on this goal.

So that's it for me! What are some of your goals/resolutions? What are your thoughts on New Years Resolutions? Do you think their practical?

Have a great Tuesday guys!
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