Monday, 19 January 2015

Monday Musings (#1): Marina and the Diamonds and other songs on my Exams Playlist

Hey everyone, it's Monday, and two days before my exams start.

I will admit, I actually have not gotten much studying done over the weekend. I would've studied for French yesterday after I came home from work, but I decided to read an entire book instead (I'll try posting that review as soon as possible).

Anyways, for today's Monday Musings, I wanted to talk about one of my favourite musicians at the moment, Marina and the Diamonds. It's not a band, but a stage named for a lovely Welsh-Greek singer named, well, Marina.

The reason why I love her is because her music is totally awesome, and if you're a fan of pop music mixed in with funky, yet very satirical lyrics, I think you should totally check her out.

Every year for exams, I have a bunch of songs that just get me pumped up and into studying (if you're one of those people who can't study with noise, then I guess this post isn't for you).

Marina and the Diamonds appears frequently on my playlist because of her fun and qwerky lyrics that just make studying fun! Here's a list of songs I currently have on my playlist for my fellow high school students who currently are buried in their exam reviews and textbooks (and serious regrets for not taking as many good notes as they should have throughout the year! Don't worry, I'm on the same boat):

  1. Stupid Me by MAGIC. The reason why this is #1 on my playlist is because I'm pretty stupid for not taking good notes this semester, messing up my sleeping schedule, stressing etc. However, the song isn't actually about being stupid, but about how a guy is stupid for falling in love with a girl that never loved him back. It's really upbeat and one of my favourite songs from them.
  2. Lights and Cameras by Yuna. THIS song was on CONSTANT repeat this summer for me while I lived in Quebec. I love this song because it's very mellow and has great, empowering lyrics about being who you are. Something I need, especially during this stressful time.
  3. Rich Girl by Gwen Stefani. My ultimate throwback song on this playlist :) I have loved this song forever, and I still know every word from it!
  4. Gimme Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) by ABBA (Mama Mia version). While I love the traditional song from the original artist (I actually like listening to their live performances of it than the studio recording), I still love the Mama Mia version too. It's a little faster than the original, but I still love it.
  5. How to be a Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds. The first Marina song on this album, and off her Electra Hearts album, this song is perfect! It tells girls how to be the player, to be the heartbreaker in a relationship for a change. I have the remix version, and for a person that doesn't usually like house music, I like it a lot.
  6. Summer Love by Justin Timberlake. Another throwback song, but Rich Girl was always my jam. Sorry JT. This song's on my playlist because I miss summer.
  7. Papaoutai by Stromae. You probably heard of this song from the Pentatonix cover, but I remember my Marielle (also my Sleepless Reads header and button creator, follow her on twitter. She is a SUPER HUGE, PROFESSIONAL SUPERNATURAL FAN, and also a pretty cool artist as well) and I were looking for French music to add to our playlists last summer (yeah, we're those types of French students). I fell in love with the song, and it's in almost all of my playlists.
  8. Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds. One of my favourite songs off Electra Heart, this song is all about being a total b-word, and I love every bit of it. She makes fun of fame a bit, and I even used the song to teach paradox and oxymorons to my students.
  9. Something New by Nikki Yanofsky. A fellow Canadian and an awesome jazz singer, she's stepped into the pop mix by add a bit of flare to her song, Something New. I listened to this song constantly in the summer, and I love how fun it is.
  10. DNA by Little Mix. One of the songs off their first album, DNA is more of an R&B type of song. I just love it, and how it sounds like a song that would come off a spy movie soundtrack.
  11. Comeback by Ella Eyre. This song is upbeat, and full of notes I can't hit. Ouch.
  12. FROOT by Marina and the Diamonds. I love this new song from her new album because it has a retro feel, and although the lyrics are a little suggestive (although, what song isn't nowadays), the chorus is fun to sing!
That's it for me! I hope you had a wonderful Monday. Good luck to everyone studying for exams!
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