Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Update: Hey guys!

Hello everyone! It's nice to be blogging once again! I know it's been awhile, but life for me has been pretty hectic!

Not only have I been getting used to my busy schedule (both work and school wise), but I have recently applied to university, so I am focusing more on my school work, as well as my sleeping habits (which have, unfortunately, been very inconsistent the last two months).

I am in between CPTs and exams, so I'm under a lot of pressure, that reading and blogging have been on the last thing on my mind right now (and I also have a lot of university stuff due really soon that I need to get started on).

However, I just decided to update you guys all, since I did promise on Twitter that I will be getting back into blogging! I have been reading, and I do have reviews ready for you all, but the question is when I'll have the time to write them all out.

Two of my computers are infected with viruses, so I'm currently using one of my dad's computers, which doesn't come with all the necessities that I need for blogging. SO, on top of my hectic schedule, I am also having computer issues.

But do not worry, I promise I WILL be blogging more this month. And also, I will be hosting more giveaways, and I will also be sending out the packages that I owe people out really soon as well!

Hope you all have an amazing rest of your Monday!
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