Wednesday, 24 December 2014

New Blog Features coming in 2015!

Hello to all my lovely Sleepless Readers from around the world! I hope you're all enjoying Christmas (Eve or Day, depending on where you're from), or the Holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas!

I wanted to let you guys know, that starting next month, I will be blogging more! I've had a really busy December, and despite wanting to blog more this month, I just wasn't able to. Add in the fact that I got sick (and still am), it made blogging a disaster this month!

So alongside my normal reviews, Waiting on Wednesday posts, and my occasional Fangirl Friday and Bookish Book Theories posts (which I will do my best to keep up with starting next month), I will be adding two more features:


Monday Musings will just be thoughts about what I'm thinking about during that day, while Tuesday is all about discussions. Unfortunately, I work Monday evenings, so while it's about what I'm thinking about during that 'day', it will actually be scheduled the day before, well, actually, the Saturday before (I work Sunday evenings as well).

Have a happy day guys! Eat lots of food!

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