Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dear Fellow Sleepless Readers...

Dear Fellow Sleepless Readers...

I know my blog looks a little dead at the moment, but I swear, I'll be fixing that problem REALLY soon! Tomorrow, I have a book tour stop here, so it will look a little more alive, but aside from that, I probably won't have another post up till later this week/early next week.

Why? Because I'm still getting to this new schedule I have. I used to do my blog stuff primarily on weekends, but now I'm just finding myself worrying about homework and getting enough sleep that I haven't actually put much thought into blogging, let alone reading!

So at the moment, I am currently reading the books I have on my shelf (that have been on my TBR list for awhile), as well as taking the time to make proper review notes and scheduling all my blog events as well. I am REALLY trying my best to make this blog better than it already is!

Also, I'll be adding a couple new features to the blog, and am currently brainstorming ideas for the posts (you'll probably see these this week or next week). I am SUPER excited for this, and cannot wait to have them up!

For now, I apologize for the lack of quality on the blog, but I promise that I will be posting REALLY soon!

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