Monday, 18 August 2014


Hey everyone! I am back from my 5 week French immersion program in Quebec, and yes, I am getting back into the blogging!


Sorry, I couldn't find a working GIF for this post (my dad's laptop is a bit slow).

Technically, I came back last Sunday, but I decided to take another week off before I DID I have to start blogging full time again.

In the span of 5 weeks I have learned a lot, made a lot of friends, and taking back so many memories and lessons with me. I had the best summer ever, and it just seems a little strange not waking up at 6-7 am and going to school, and hanging out with my friends 24/7.

(This is a photo I took from a window from my residence during sunset).

Once I got back, I took some time to adjust being home and not being able to go out whenever I pleased. It was a strange adjustment, and then I turned 17 two days later...

So my homecoming was a bit crazy, and now I am hopelessly behind on my reading list! I brought 5 books for me to read (one book per week), and I only finished two books: one actual novel and one novella (two of my friends finished 2-3 books each).

I'm currently reading Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes and Walled City by Ryan Graudin.

I still have a lot to catch up with reading and blogging wise (I've been so out of the loop for so long), but I'll be on Twitter if you want to catch up with me anytime!

Have a happy Monday!

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