Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Blogger Life: I am a TERRIBLE blogger!

GAAHHH! Sorry guys! This is day 2 of no reviews! I feel like such a terrible blogger because I haven't posted in two days (and last week, I actually posted the ENTIRE week!).

Yesterday was Canada Day, so I spent most of it hanging out with my family, as well as packing! I am leaving REALLY soon, and I am so excited, nervous, yet so excited! It took me the ENTIRE day yesterday to pack because I had to get all my toiletries, school supplies, and clean out my entire table! I was supposed to clean my closet today, but I SERIOUSLY have to catch up on reading!

If you look at the Goodreads widget on the side of my blog, you'll notice that I'm reading 3 books (2 ebooks, 1 physical book), and I have fallen behind. If I didn't pack yesterday, I would've been done two of those, started two new ones, be half done one of them, and started a new book today! (Yeah, sorry, that was confusing). I would've read 6 books by tomorrow, and have probably have around 8-10 books read, reviewed, and queued, but alas, packing ruined my entire schedule!

So sorry guys, no review for today either, BUT, my Waiting on Wednesday post (it's queued) should be up in a little while!

Have a happy Wednesday!
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