Monday, 30 June 2014

Blogger Life: No Bookish Book Theories! Sorry everyone!

Happy Monday world! How are you today?!

If you haven't seen my tweet already, then you should've probably figured out by the this post that there is no Bookish Book Theories for this Monday!

Sorry guys! But I have been extremely busy for the past couple days, and I haven't been getting NO SLEEP either.

For all those that don't know, summers in Canada are pretty hot and humid- we do have hot months here in the North. Unfortunately for my family and I, we don't have a working A/C at the moment, so I have been unable to get a good nights sleep for the past two weeks!

In addition to not getting any sleep, blogging for me has become extremely difficult, despite the fact that school is out. My computer is DIRECTLY underneath a skylight (see bellow):

Note: this was taken just a few moments ago, and I am sitting directly under it.

So from 8am-2pm, it get's really sunny and hot to the point where I can't use my computer. Add this to the fact my house has no A/C at the moment, using the computer during daylight hours is 'at your own risk'.

Aside from the extreme heat and caution that comes with using our computer, I'm packing!

I am leaving for my French immersion in FOUR DAYS, and this is all that I have packed at the moment, my clothes:

This isn't all of the clothes I'm packing (I still have to buy running shoes, workout clothes, and a swimming cap) because I'm FAR from being done! I still have to buy a bigger suitcase, alongside reading all 15 books (that includes ebooks) before Friday, and studying for Quebec!

So sorry guys! No Bookish Book Theories! Hopefully I'll have a couple ready before I leave!

Have a great Monday!
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