Thursday, 8 May 2014

Reasons Why You Should Buy (and read) The Lovely and The Lost

Okay, so with The One and Chantress Alchemy in stores now, another one of my favourite YA books is going to be released NEXT WEEK!

The Lovely and The Lost is the sequel to The Beautiful and The Cursed by Page Morgan.


I loved the first book, and you can check out my review here. I, unfortunately, won't be able to read The Lovely and The Lost because my parents don't have the money to buy me books, and because it takes 3-4 months for books to be processed in my library.

BUT, that doesn't mean you shouldn't wait to read the book!

1) The Characters are AMAZING! One reason why I like the books is because the characters in this novel all have their own personalities, and they all interact with each other nicely. Except for Grayson, because Grayson was kidnapped for 95% of the first book. BUT ANYWAYS, the characters in the book get along so well, and I especially love the relationship between Nolan Quinn and Vander Burke. You can read my character interview with the two of them here. They're all so amazing, that you'll fall in love with them like I did:

2) The Plot was on point! I liked how everything built towards the main conflict of the story, and I thoroughly enjoyed how each character had to put aside their problems to help save Grayson. It was nice seeing them all work together, and the plot was nicely paced, and left me HANGING! I was literally like this at the end of the book:

3) It was unique! I have never read anything about gargoyles before. I think the only other book that has a gargoyle in it (other than the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and I'm talking about the Disney version. The movie essentially.) is the Ruby Red trilogy. The gargoyle Xeumes (I think?) is a gargoyle that follows the main character around after she realizes that she can see him. In this book, gargoyles are called the dispossessed, the souls of those who have died placed into gargoyle form as punishment of their sins when they were alive. When you read the story, you'll learn that these gargoyles have psychic links to their human assignments (think the spirit bond between Lissa and Rose in Vampire Academy), and they have their own society. Another thing you learn in the books is the story behind why Luc, one of Ingrid's love interests, became a dispossessed. I know that what he did is against the Ten Commandments (Thou Shall Not Kill), but he did it to defend someone so... yeah.

4) You'll fall in love with Luc regardless! I did a Fangirl Friday post (which, by the way, along with the Bookish Book Theories post, one of the hardest features to make because they're both so time consuming), where I talked about my love for Luc, and reason why he'll make an amazing boyfriend. You can read it here.

5) There are badasses in this book. Yeah :D If you're a big fan of the Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices series, then I suggest you read this book. I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS LIKE CASSANDRA CLARE'S BOOKS, BECAUSE IT'S NOT AND IT IS A DIFFERENT, UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL STORY but because it has a group called the Alliance, that does it's best to protect humans from demons, and makes sure that the dispossessed keep their ties with them strict. They're essentially the police while the dispossessed are the enforcement. They learn how to fight, and they are a cool group of humans (like, Nolan and Vander are part of this group so it's amazing!). They really bring a lot more drama and intensity to a story where all the other characters have so many problems already.

6) The author has a giveaway going on!

I have already posted a post regarding this giveaway, so you can check it out here, OR you can enter the rafflecopter bellow!

The rules are simple: all you need to do is pre-order The Lovely and the Lost, and you can enter the giveaway to win a signed copy of The Beautiful and The Cursed, a Kindle Paperwhite, as well as other cool swag! There's only a couple days left, and I've been promoting this for weeks, so PLEASE IF YOU HAVEN'T ENTER, PLEASE ENTER!

Have a great Thursday and good luck!

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