Monday, 26 May 2014

Bookish Book Theories: The Last Hours by Cassandra Clare

It's Monday again, and after a long debate, I have decided that I will try to predict what I think will happen in The Last Hours by Cassandra Clare.

If you're familiar with Cassie's books, you will know that TLH comes after TID, and will be about the lives about the children of the characters of TLH.

Now, it's a little TOO early to even know what Cassie is planning (like she's only outlining the story at the moment), but she has dropped hints about the family tree being completely wrong.

So today, I'm trying to predict what's going on with this messed up tree that apparently is misleading and untrustworthy to the point where it brings out feels.

Now, let us being!

1) The Herondale & Carstairs Marriages 

Okay, so according to what I read from the family tree, Tumblr and Twitter, James and Cordy DO get married! HOWEVER, Cassie has hinted that although Jamie and Cordy do tie the knot and have a son together, the reasons behind as to why the get married will surprise us.

After hearing this, it made me sad because 1) I wanted Jamie to be happy and 2) HERONSTARIS GUYYYSSSS. But this did get my mind thinking: why would they get married then? Especially since we all know from The Midnight Heir that Jamie is completely in love with Grace Cartwright. 

But then I saw something on Tumblr that said that Will would prefer Lucie to marry Alastair instead of Jesse, and that's when it hit me.

Cassie has claimed that some of the marriages are arranged, political shams, and that some of the children may not even be the children of the couple.

If Jamie, the loving big brother he is, and Cordy, the loyal parabati of Lucie, realize that Lucie isn't into Alastair, then I think the reason why they would've married is probably because they did it for Lucie.

2) Grace Freaking Cartwright

Immediately after learning that Grace was based off Estella I started to freak because I did not like her at all in the Great Expectations. I really want to know who Grace is. I think she is a Shadowhunter, but at the same time I don't. She can probably be like Tessa- half Downworlder- but I feel like Grace Cartwright is the illegitimate daughter of someone (since we are going by The Great Expectations and all).

At first I thought it was Consul Wayland's kid, but then remembered he died, so no. Then I thought she might be Tatianna's kid with another guy, but she's completely bonkers so no.

I thought for a second that she was Gabriel's illegitimate daughter, then realized that she later on marries Christopher, so no. 

And then I got the crazy idea that maybe, just maybe, he may be Henry's illegitimate kid. I LOVE HENRY ALRIGHT, but he and Charlotte are complete opposites, THEIR CHILDREN, are complete opposites, and it is possible that they have had very bad rows in the time between TID & TLH. It's the most stupidest theory ever, but I think it was the portraits (if not, something that someone wrote to Cassie) that said that Matthew doesn't like Grace. It maybe because they're half-siblings, or maybe because he wants Jamie all too himself :3

But it doesn't really matter anyways. It's Grace. I feel like she's being possessed by like some evil spirit.

3) Lucie and the Ghost next Door

So Lucie, from what I know, doesn't know if she inherited any special abilities like Jamie did from their mother.

Tessa can Change, Will can talk to ghosts, and Jamie can turn into a shadow... Lucie? No clue. But she is fascinated by the mystery behind Jesse Blackthorn.

I actually ship Jesse and Lucie together, and I'm glad they do end up together, but I really want to know how they end up together, but like I said, it's too early to predict plots right now.

But I do believe that Lucie may have inherited Will's ghost-talking abilities, and probably something Adrian Ivashkov-esque, like dream walking! I think her powers are linked mind-wise because she is a thinker, she is a writer. Or maybe, she has the power of dreams, you know, like how the Angel Ithuriel can send dreams as cryptic messages? Maybe that's her power, I don't know.

However, I feel like Lucie learning her ability will play a huge part with her relationship with Jesse.

4) The Arranged Marriage (again, sort of).

Okay, so we already know that Jamie and Cordy get married, and Will wants Lucie to marry Alastair. But I have a feeling, that Alastair only wants to marry Lucie for political reasons...if not this, it's because he's being influenced by Charles Fairchild.

Have you seen that TLH mural photo by Cassandra Jean? Whenever I see that photo, I think they're fighting over the marriage.

5) The Lightwoods

I actually CANNOT wait to see Anna and Christopher Lightwood. I already know that those two are going to be my faves (probably aside from Mathew Fairchild).

I have a feeling that I'm gunna like Anna, BUT I AM SCARED FOR HER. I saw this picture by Cassandra Jean where she's standing outside after being kissed on the cheek and I like, cried!


I fear for her because Grace Freaking Cartwright. I'm so scared that she might use Anna, and it breaks my heart!

As for Christopher marrying Grace, that's either a political sham or Chris and Grace fall in love after Chris, the awesome scientist he is, finds a way to save Grace from whatever enchantment she may have OR save Jesse's health.

6) The Fairchilds

MATTHEW IS GUNNA BE MY FAVOURITE CHARACTER OF LIFE, and it kills me to know that he isn't even written in the family tree, like what the hell!

I think that he isn't in the tree because he was not murdered, but because 1) Charles may be ashamed of his sexuality (because I have a feeling he's gunna be an a-hole) or 2) he deflected to the bad side and got his name completely erased.

But Matthew sounds like he's gunna be awesome. So, I don't know how my feels are gunna last.

Okay, so that's it for me! I'll probably link all the posts that I mentioned later, but yeah, that's it for me.

What are some of YOUR theories for The Last Hours? 

I probably will be making a part 2 post for TLH because it IS a long way away.

So that's it for me, so have a great Monday, and I'll see you guys next week! 
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