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#MadWritersClub: Week 5 Update

It's time for my Mad Writer's Club weekly update...oh, and Christine will not be happy about this one!

Week Five: How much are you closer to your goal (hopefully, 1/3 of the way)? For those who are working on a novel, one month should be more than enough time to become familiar with a character. So, please introduce the main character, villain, or your favorite character~
If it’s not a novel nor do you wish to share your novel at the moment, how do you flesh a character? A villain?

Okay, so since last week's post, I have been out of my writing rhythm because I just hit a writing slump. Not writer's block, writer's slump.

I had reached the point that if I continued the way I was going, I would have been a little over the 1/3 mark by today, but I reached a number of problems:

1) I wasn't feeling any of characters.

I think one thing I learned in drama class is that to bring a character to life, you have to be able to connect with it. Of course, this advice isn't really in the same context, but it has a good point: if you love something, you'll totally be 100% committed to it. And I wasn't feeling any of my characters, so I wasn't really into it.

2) My plot was being revealed a little to early.

Originally, I had my story being told from a 3rd person POV, rotating between four of my characters: Rory, Seb, Imogen and Anna. Since I was doing rotating POV, I was having a lot of fun and really proud of myself because I was getting my plot moving fast. What I noticed by Chapter 6-7 was that my plot was being revealed a little too fast. I tried to keep going, reminding myself that I would fix it in revision/editing, but then I realized that since 'this' happened 'there', I had no room to reveal 'this' because 'that' ruined it. So, I went back (after a long moment of debate), and tried to fix it by adding a new part. It wasn't working. So I put it back to it's original state, but it wasn't working. My plot wasn't a 100% solid enough to make it to the climax. After this incident and talking to the awesome Michelle Madow, she told me it was better to fix it now than later on when it was finished, so I went back, and re-worked the plot.

After doing this, and watching a little documentary on Dr. Joseph Bell (I'll get to him in a later post), I realized that continuing with the rotating POV wouldn't be smart to do, so I ended up telling the story from ONE character's POV. His name is Seb.

3) I did a character interview with my now one-POV narrating character, Seb. That changed everything!

After doing the interview, I realized that Seb was more complexed than I imagined him/fleshed him out to be. When I first figured out my characters, I wrote character bios like Michelle suggested. But, when I did my character interview with my own character, I realized his personality brought something bigger to the story: hope. Seb is a character I still have a bit trouble of getting the hang of (I've only been writing him for a week), but he made me think of my plot as a whole and what his character meant in the entire story.

4) I realized that Seb deserved a better story line.

My original story line was, in a word, crap. It had too many holes, and it was written for another character who was supposed to narrate, Rory. She will be appearing in Seb's POV, but in a different way. After watching a documentary of my inspirations for my WIP, I realized that everything needed to be changed for Seb. So. All the characters I had planned to appear will still be in this version I'm writing now. Just, differently.

Okay so enough of my sad excuses. Week 5 is supposed to be about my characters, right? I bet you'd want to see my character interview, right?

Well, I'm sorry, I can't share that because that's a little TOOO spoilery! It contains a lot of questions about my character during the story.

But, you all can still meet my characters! All of them in fact. Ladies and gentlemen, fangirls from around the world, I would like you all to meet the characters of the Legendary series! You can check out my Pinterest board for my story on my account (click the button in the sidebar), underneath the WIP: VATH. :D

Note: the introduction of these characters are in order of appearance. There are non spoiler descriptions of my characters as well. 

The Narrator: Seb Cameron

(Face claim: unknown model)

Born Lord Sebastian William Arthur Edward Cameron, he is the youngest son of the family, as well as the black sheep. Not only is he kind-hearted, Seb's very introvertive and enjoys non-upper class hobbies like photography. He prefers being called Seb, and works for Mr. Graham.

The Boss: Mr. Grant Graham

(Face claim: Ewan McGregor)

Grant Graham is Seb's very infamous and shady boss. He runs an equally shady investment company in Temple Bar, which employs very desperate, and sometimes questionable, people. He scares Seb a lot (which he enjoys to do), but pities the young lad. 

The Gatekeeper: Arthur C. Doyle

(Face claim: Eddie Redmayne)

Yes, that's right. My story features the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his struggle to fame. We get to see the mastermind behind the Sherlock stories in my own story. He was only supposed to be mentioned in the original draft, but now plays a minor (but important) role in the story.

The Inspector: Ben Blair

(Face claim: Jeremy Ivrine)

22 year old Benjamin 'Ben' Blair is the newest recruit of Scotland Yard, who is about to give Ben the chance to gain everything he lost back if he complies with his demands.

The Client: Rory 'Victoria Homes' Lochan

(Face claim: unknown model)

Mysterious, charming, and heartbreakingly gorgeous, this 17 year old beauty is about to turn Seb's life upside down.

So that's it for my non-spoilery main characters. For now. My Pinterest can give you more clues about what my story is about.

Also, my friend, Haley, made some fan art for my story! Here's Rory and Seb: 

Aren't they adorable? Well, that's it for me. If you haven't noticed, I didn't really post who my villain is yet. It's a surprise :D

That's it for me this week! Hopefully, I'll have more progress than excuses next week!
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