Saturday, 19 April 2014

#MadWritersClub: Week 4 Update

Hello bloggerverse! I AM alive, and yes, I do apologize for the lack of posts in the past two weeks! I can tell you now that yes, this week, I will be posting! I think it's time for a little celebration:

Yeah...I love Doctor Who. And that GIF never gets old! :D

So it's week 4 (or at least I hope it is, otherwise I have royally screwed up my posts) of the writing challenge, and it's time for my weekly log. If you want to know more about the Mad Writers Club, check out Christiney Song's post here.

So...onto the log!

Week Four: The end of our first month of our challenge! How much have you accomplished in the first month? And, why do you write? it possible if I can skip this question? Okay, so the end of the month is here, and I will tell you: I have not accomplished much.

Due to my hectic schedule, I have not been on the computer much, therefore I have not been able to write. I've written random lines in my notebook, and random scenes involving my characters just to stick with my 'writing everyday' promise that I made. But storywise, I have not made much progress.

I'm currently 1/3 in my way into Chapter 6 of my story, and although I know what's going to happen in the chapter, I still haven't written much down on my draft. I know, I'm a terrible blogger.

But, I am happy that I got the chance to get to at least 6 chapters. From my story planning, I have about 20-25 chapters planned out at the moment, and although I am disappointed that I haven't accomplished more, I am happy that I'm actually still writing.

As for why I write? I don't know, writing is something I just love to do. Sometimes, it can be a pain in my butt and I have to force myself to write, but I find it very cathartic, and I just love it.

As for why I'm writing this story, I'm writing it because I wanted to tell a tale about a girl who's made so many past mistakes, and who will go so far to fix them. I'm writing this story about a girl with two different and contrasting lives, because I wanted to write a story about something most teenagers (myself included) experience.

And of course, I just wanted to write a story set in regency England :D

So that's it for Week 4!
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