Sunday, 6 April 2014

It's a REVOLUTION-ary Birthday Celebration!

Hey guys!

I know you all know that I have a thing for posting stuff on Sundays. Sundays are supposed to be relaxing days... and finishing whatever last minute homework/ assignments you were too lazy to do Friday and Saturday.

But today is an exception, because I want to talk about BIRTHDAYS!

Today is the birthday of one of my favourite bloggers and bookish people, Jess from Fly to Fiction! Today, she's turning 17, so go wish her a happy birthday on her blog or over at twitter @FlytoFiction.

So, unfortunately, I didn't send Jess any birthday presents this year, but I hope that the Supernatural gif above is good enough :D

Now, one thing about Jess (other than she's an awesome person, a dancer, and super smart), is that she likes the book Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly.

In Revolution, our main character Andy, accompanies her father to Paris for an emotional and psychological break from her life in New York (even though her father is part of the problem, but she learns how to deal). In Paris, she finds a diary of a dead girl named Alexandrine who she later learns, played a huge part in the French Revolution. But things get a little strange when Alexandrine's life and journal transcends hers.

One thing I wanted to do for today is to see how birthdays were celebrated in Marie-Antoinette's time!


Here's a fun fact: birthday cakes during Marie-Antoinette's time were only starting to look like the cakes we're familiar with today. And you literally had to be as rich as the Queen to afford it! This is because they weren't commonly known and there weren't many tools to make it.

Marie Anotoinette Cakes Pastel

Pretty Hurts. Ouch.

If you ran in high society circles and attended many events, there was a lot of pain that had to go into looking good. Back then, men wore heels to make themselves look taller and hose to show of their  finely sculpted calves.

Women wore big, ornate dresses that were so wide, they could barely sit inside they're carriage. They would spend hours powdering themselves pale to give them a polished look as well.

Both genders, however, wore wigs for events. Women actually spent time making sure that their wig height was very high for social purposes, and would sit on a chair for hours as their servants teased, styled, and elevated their wig.

Turn Up!

You would literally show up to a party and everyone, especially if you lived in France, will drink wine till they couldn't remember their own name. And sometimes, parties lasted for DAYS! Can you imagine partying for a week long?

Well, that's it for the REVOLUTION-ary part of this birthday blog post! I hope you all enjoyed, jump over to the next blogger, who reviews both YA & NA, and isn't really a fangirl but has fangirl moments while reading (because honestly, it's really not easy to fangirl in a book). She's an awesome person, and loves the colour purple, and she really treasures reading.
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