Monday, 14 April 2014

I Am Alive

Hey guys! I'm sorry I haven't been on in awhile! I'm so behind on everything!

I planned on queuing all my posts on Saturday, but decided to hang out with my friend Marielle on Saturday. Then on Sunday, I planned on making and queuing all my posts, but I had Palm Sunday mass, then practice until 5pm yesterday.

This week won't be so easy either. I have a drama presentation to present tomorrow, I have a marketing report due tomorrow as well, and then on Wednesday, I have a religion assignment due. And then on Friday, I have Good Friday mass at 11pm, and I have practice at 9 am and then I have mass on Easter Sunday as well so I'm REALLY BUSY this week.

But I am alive, and that's what counts.

And did you guys see my last post? You guys can win a lot of awesome stuff from Page Morgan, author of the Beautiful and the Cursed. You can enter here:

I hope that I get a chance this week to AT LEAST make my WOW post, because I don't even have that queued up! If I don't have any time this week, you guys can find me on twitter (@missyallydums97).

Have a great week guys!
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