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Bookish Book Theories: The Outlanders by Erin Albert

Hello guys! Yup, that's right! It's Monday and it's time for Bookish Book Theories! If you don't know what this feature is, this is where I predict what's going to happen next in a book. And yes, there will be spoilers.

Now before we begin, I do not have a cover, summary or a release date for The Outlanders. BUT according to the author's, Erin Albert, twitter bio, the book should be released later this year!

So yeah, to understand this weeks Bookish Book Theories, you have to read the Prophecy. You can check out my review here. And, if you are curious to know more about The Outlanders before you read this post, you can check out my interview with Erin from my blogaversary, where she actually dished out a couple of spoilers for the next book! Check it out here!

The Prophecy

Okay, I think we all need to know what's going to happen now that Layla isn't the only black haired, purple eyed girl in Etherea. According to the Prophecy, someone with her physical description has the First Ones blood or something, that will help unite both Vanguards and Ethereals.

This is what troubles me: WHY ARE YOU STILL LOOK FOR THE PROPHECY?

The Prophecy is supposed to bring both Kingdoms together and marry a Prince. Okay, since we all know Nash's birth right at this point, doesn't it seem a little weird that there are characters still going crazy over an ancient prophecy?

Wouldn't it make sense for Nash to be the one to unite everyone because he has ties to both Kingdoms?

I don't think it will happen in this book, but I do think that Layla's bloodline is more important than we think it is. Since the sequel is called the Outlanders, I have a feeling that she's more of a pawn for them (Outlanders) than the Vanguards and the Ethereals. We know that one side wants to kill her, while the other side wants to keep her. So the question is, why? Other than the obvious reason, why do they want her alive? Why do they want her dead. Why is she special? Why, why, why? These are important questions that make her more important than Nash, who has both Vanguard and Ethereal blood, who technically can bring both sides together. So that means Layla has something within her that no one else can replace.

And as for that chick Samson found at the end of The Prophecy? She's either a decoy for the two warring kingdoms to steal Layla for themselves (the Outlanders) or she's someone that Samson paid to pretend to be Layla. Both seem plausible, and I feel like it's a combination of both.

The King and I

Going back to Nash for a second, we all know who he is now. At the end of The Prophecy, Wil's life is kind of up in the air. I have a feeling, and this is going to hurt me so much, that Wil will be the one that Layla ends up leaning on. Wil gave Nash his throne to watch over while he re-cooperates, so that means that Nash will be super busy. And then there's that chick that Samson brought again. I have a feeling that Nash will see Wil and Layla together, and he'll be like, all heart-broken, sad, angry, then he'll tell Layla that she needs to be with Wil in his time of need, and then he'll spend his time with the other chick, and Layla will be pissed. Then I'll be sad, because Nash and Layla won't be together.

Memory Loss

Vespa and Grant were actually a great couple. I actually enjoyed them. I was so sad when Jesper took Vespa's memories and made her forget about him. I actually have no idea as to how the two of them are going to get back together, because their relationship was there in the first book, but wasn't as grand as the love triangle between Wil, Nash and Layla.

I actually think that for the majority of the book, Vespa will have memory loss, gain it back near the end, and then near the end, Vance or someone will take her.

The Family

Samson, Samson, Samson... this is going to be a love pentagon now that Samson and that other chick have arrived. I think his decision to 'help' Layla and 'save' her will cause a lot of tension between himself, Layla and Grant. I have no idea how he's going to mess everything up, but I have a feeling that he's going to be the reason why behind a lot of stupid mistakes of the other characters.

The Crown

I really do hope that Rex and Sansonela end up together but the Queen of the Ethereals isn't my favourite person in the world. She has a lot of problems, and really doesn't seem like the most trustworthy person in the world.


Who do you think is going to die? I really do believe that either Volton Mars or at least Samson and the other chick will die in this book.

The Outlanders

I think that the Outlanders are not the most innocent people in the world. I really think that Layla is an Outlander, and that she's Princess of the Outlanders, and that the other chick that came at the end of the Prophecy is actually in on the secret. I believe, that the other chick is part of the Outlander group/rebel group that wants to kill the Prophecy, and that whomever left Layla with the Vanguards did so for her safety. I have no idea how the Outlanders have been contributing to the Vanguard and Ethereal war, but I feel like it has to do something with the state of their living conditions. I think that maybe the Outlander kingdom may be the main kingdom punishing the two kingdoms?

Who You Are

Layla, Nash and Wil are going to have to deal with a lot of things in the Outlanders. I really do see Nash becoming stronger, and becoming his own person, and making decisions like a good king, but at the same time, I think his rise to power will cause a (bigger) rift between Wil and himself.

I think we'll see Wil's bitter side, and see how much of Jesper is really in him. And as for Layla, all I hope for is that she'll realize that there are people out there willing to help her.

So that's it for me! Sorry for the delay!
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