Thursday, 27 March 2014

#TheMadWritersClub: 90 Day Writing Challenge, Weeks 1 & 2

So, my friend Christine over at ChristineyWrites decided to start the Mad Writers Club. Essentially, this is a bunch of aspiring writers who commit 90 days to writing, and making weekly progress reports. For more information, check out her info post here.

Now, smart me has forgotten to write my progress report for last week, so this is going to be my week 1/2 posts.

Week 1:  Introduce the project you’ll be working on for the next 90 days and the ultimate end goal. For some, it might be a completed first draft of their shiny new idea. For others, a polished, revised draft. Maybe, it’s not a novel but a collection of poetry, short stories, etc. Whatever it is, this is the week to share your project (as much as you are willing) as well as your goal.

I actually figured out what I was writing and started fleshing out my world. This is freaking amazing accomplishment for me because I always have ideas running around my head. I can't plan stories for the life of me, I even struggle with using outlines given to me in English class because I believe that a person's creativity should be regulated. Anyways, I actually figured out what the world was about, what my story was going to tell, who my characters were, and what they wanted from the world and the other characters.

Week 2: How much have you accomplished in your first week? And, how did you get the idea for your story For those who don’t want to answer (since that will spoil your project), where do you normally get your ideas?

This is where I am at today: dying.

I have a drama presentation that I have no idea when I am going to present, I have 5 reflections and a portfolio the size of our school's musical's script, and I just may or may not have screwed up my newspaper deadline. That all happened today. Oh, and yesterday I learned I have a blog tour schedule for tomorrow, so guess what I'm not doing tonight? Studying for my marketing test! Not only do I have to finish my portfolio, I now have to binge read a book that I haven't read in one night!

But on the bright side, I have written this entire week (so far), so congratulations to me.

You know how I said above that I don't like outlines? Well, yeah, I really don't. I know this may be a bad thing, but honestly, it's how my dysfunctional brain works. I just write things down on my notebook when I come up with something sharp, clever, or see something that my character's would do themselves in real life.

I have written 4 logs so far (from Monday to today) about things my characters would say, how they would feel, and where they are coming from. Since I'm stuck in my own personal deadline hell at the moment, I'm just writing random stuff. There's this really nice feminist speech one of my characters gives 62 years later, and then there's this really emotional scene between two of my characters that I wrote one night when I was feeling torn between a ship.

Bottom line: I actually have no idea if this story will be a standalone or a series. Because right now, I have things written in the 1888, and things written in 1950 France. I'm just going with the whole "write, writer, writing" thing I have going on at the moment.

I think the weirdest thing for me at the moment is that at one point, I even started using my portfolio guideline to figure out who my villain was going to be, and who the real traitor was. I'm seriously all over the place at the moment. I think I have to step away from my world for a couple of seconds and figure out how I'm going to finish my portfolio within a couple of hours.
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