Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Blogger Life (#4): March Break

Hey guys! It's Allison! I just wanted to drop by and see how things are in the bloggerverse. If you haven't noticed, everything on my blog is queued in advanced so I don't have to worry about anything being last minute! That's why I'm barely checking on my blog (because I'm too lazy to boot up the desktop), but I am always on twitter so don't worry ;)

ANYWAYS, things have been a little crazy the past few weeks. Before my blogaversary, I had a bunch of blog tours/blitzes going on. After my blogaversary, I still have a bunch of things scheduled to do. And then, there's my big TBR pile that I barely made a dent at (but that will be another post to come).

I really am all over the place guys. I think the only thing that I'm happy about at the moment is the fact that it's March Break, but that stupid time change kind of messed me up a bit. But then again, my sleeping schedule was never really a normal thing to begin with.

But I think I will be needing a break REAL soon! An actual break from blogging. A mini hiatus. I mean, I have so many books to read, that's kind of the reason why I don't have many review up yet because I still haven't read the books yet. And then there's the fact that 90% of my books are ebooks and I have to read on my iPhone, and that Blogger hates me etc.

And Amazon. Almost Amazon problems. And then there's the fact that I'm not really happy with my blog design and everything, and I feel really sad. I think it has to do with the fact that it's March Break and there was a time change, and I actually have homework to do. And newspaper articles that are days overdue.

But no, my overall problem this March Break is the fact that today, after an amazingly beautiful and warm day yesterday, it's snowing in Canada. Yup. It shouldn't be a surprise, but a messed up schedule plus homework plus a billion blogger related things to do plus being homebound during the break can make you so freaking done with everything.

So yeah, I guess you can say that so far, my break has been very boring and stressful. And I need to fix my sleeping schedule.
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