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Bookish Book Theories: The Lovely & the Lost

It's Bookish Book Theories Monday, and today, I try my hand in predicting what will happen in the second installment of the Dispossessed trilogy, The Lovely and the Lost by Page Morgan!

If you haven't read the books yet, I suggest that you do because there will be spoilers in this feature! You can check out my review for the first book, The Beautiful and the Cursed here, and as well as my character interview with Nolan and Vander here.


Author: Page Morgan
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Release Date: May 13th, 2014
Status: The Dispossessed #2

Ingrid and Gabby survived the Underneath. They saved their brother, Grayson, from a future of dark servitude and exposed a plot to undermine the Alliance. But danger still lurks in the streets of Paris, and the Dispossessed, perched on the city's bridges and rooftops, might not be able to save their human wards this time.

The Silent Professor

Okay, I NEED to know in this book if Constantine is a good guy, or a bad guy. I sort of regret not asking this question during my character interview to see what Nolan and Vander think of him. I seriously forgot about this character until I read the first two chapters of this book. I really do wish I own a copy of the Beautiful and the Cursed though.

I think, that the way things are going on right now, Constantine may be a bad guy... but the same time, I don't think he is either. Like, in some ways, I think he's a secret angel or something that's sent to watch over Luc so he, or other Dispossessed, can have another shot in heaven if they do something good.

Or, he'll end up like Lord Isaac in Chantress Alchemy and turn out to be a total nut head and traitor, and Luc will lose all his chances to live life with Ingrid by killing Constantine to save her.

The Civil War

I read somewhere that Gabby is going to be the reason why there's going to be a war between the Alliance/humans, and the Dispossessed, versus the evil demons and stuff.

I see this war happening two different ways:

#1) Chelle will do something totally do something to make her feel insecure about her relationship with Nolan or her relationship with her siblings being super-powerful half beings, and totally do something with that evil lady after her siblings by setting her free or something. Then war will begin, and I totally see her being possessed and used. Hence, the lovely and the lost.

#2): Gabby will try to do something to make Luc and Ingrid get together, and accidently unleash a war. The first one seems more likely, but I wanna see my ship sail, okay?

The New Kid on the Block

At the end of the Beautiful and the Cursed, we learned that Luc will get a guarding partner to take of the Waverly family and essentially, make sure he and Ingrid don't further their relationship. I honestly see the two not getting along and this guarding partner dying, being a traitor or actually being influential in the future.

The Ships of Love

Nolan and Gabby are so going to get stronger, but I see Gabby's insecurity of her looks and her need to prove herself as a warrior as strong as her siblings will strain their relationship. But ship wise, I see them sailing throught most of the book, but I see it ending by the end of this book because Gabby will do something, well, stupid.

Chelle and Grayson: I have no idea how this relationship is going to work, but I'm all for it, especially if it means Chelle will leave Nolan alone.

The Triangle We All Love and Hate

LUC, INGRID, AND VANDER, THE FEELS NEVER END WITH THESE THREE! Okay, I see Ingrid trying to give Vander a try, but her and Luc going back to each other and having tons of feels moments together.

But I am a firm believer of the Gabby's-going-to-effing-screw-everything-up-theory and I see Luc leaving Ingrid at the end to save her sister, both for her and for his duty. I see the two becoming a beautiful ship, but I know Vander will be doing everything in his power to get Ingrid to notice him.

I will be very upset if Vander and Ingrid end up together because I ship her and Luc so much.


So, Mr. Waverly, I mean Lord Brickton, will be coming back in this book. This ought to be interesting. I see him walking in on Luc and Ingrid together while he's in Dispossessed form or something. By the way, does their mom know about the Dispossessed world, or has she subconsciously forgotten about it? Their dad coming back will cause soooo many problems, but it is something I would like to see.

So that's the end of Bookish Book Theories for this week. I'm really sorry it's late!

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Blog Tour Waybrooke by Julia Barkey

Welcome to my stop on the Waybrooke book tour.

Feel free to follow the tour this week and see what other reviews, 

playlists, dream casts, or guest posts are available to check out. 

Author: Julia Barkey
Published: August 16th, 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Pages: 238 

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Carrie Kent leaves her home in California to help at her Aunt Crystal's institute. There, she meets an interesting group of people with very interesting abilities. What starts off as a side job soon turns Carrie's life into chaos as she, and her new friends, face a secret criminal organization called E.Y.E who are willing to sacrifice everything in order to keep the group quiet.


To be how at with you, I wasn't really expecting to like this book as much as I did. The synopsis was very intriguing, but the story was actually pretty good.

The story is about a girl named Carrie, who gets shipped off Waybrooke Institute in Maine. There, she helps it's residents. Then all of a sudden, things start to get messed up when they have to run from EYE, a group no one really knows about except for one secretive guy...

I actually liked the story a lot, and found the plot to have a nice pace. The ending really left me wanting more, and I was pretty impressed by how it all came together...but seriously, I NEED MORE.

Another awesome thing about this book is that it's written by a 16 year old girl. Yeah, that's right, Julia's 16 and she mad an awesome story.

I'm really impressed and recommend this book to everyone!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars!


Dream Cast

Carrie: Amanda Seyfried

Matt: Lucas Till

Will: Liam Hemsworth

Scott: Dave Franco

Nichole: Saoirse Ronan 


About the Author

My name is Julia Barkey and I am sixteen years old. I write because I really can't imagine myself not doing so. Stories, characters, settings and plots are flowing through my mind almost constantly. I currently live with my parents, my brother, and my two younger sisters in the lovely state of Michigan. I published my first book 'Waybrooke' in August and am currently working on my next novel. I enjoy family time, playing games, crafting,and talking over coffee. 

Fangirl Friday (#10): Etienne St. Clair

Ohhhh yeaaahh, I so totally jumped onto the Stephanie Perkins band wagon and have fallen in love with HIM. Le beau garcon (sorry guys for missing the accent), Etienne St. Clair.

About Etienne: Born in America to an American mother, and French-English father, Etienne is the ultimate global citizen. He grew up in London, and after his parent's divorce moved back to the US with his mom, before finding himself in boarding school in Paris. He's devastatingly handsome (well, he's good-looking according to Anna, but it's still the same thing right?), and tall enough to make us short girls about kissing level. And he speaks French and has an English accent, need I say more?

Tragic History: If it weren't for his sweet charm and easy-going attitude, you would never have imagined that his life is an on-going soap opera, and ironically enough, he's imprisoned in a French boarding school with the acronym SOAP as well. (And yeah, he also sees drama there as well). His parents had a nasty divorce, and despite it, he and his mother are still under his father's tyrant control. His father signed Etienne up for French boarding school to get him closer to him, and further away from his mother in the US. And his dad's also a total womanizer: he visits his mom in the US, and has two mistresses: one in London and the other in Paris for when he needs a little loving. Talk about jerk of the year award.

Fangirl Factor: Despite the craziness in his life, Etienne will always do something to make everyone smile and comfortable. Even if you're at the bottom of the social spectrum, he will do his best to talk to you. Oh, and he's always up for taking newbies out for a tour of Paris.

Boyfriend Worthy? Etienne has the "it" boy factor most girls want, but at the same time, he has a lot of drama in his life. He can be the sweetest boyfriend in the world, ready to spoil his girl, but watch out for his father, who's out to make his life (and yours by default) a living hell.

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 kisses!


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#TheMadWritersClub: 90 Day Writing Challenge, Weeks 1 & 2

So, my friend Christine over at ChristineyWrites decided to start the Mad Writers Club. Essentially, this is a bunch of aspiring writers who commit 90 days to writing, and making weekly progress reports. For more information, check out her info post here.

Now, smart me has forgotten to write my progress report for last week, so this is going to be my week 1/2 posts.

Week 1:  Introduce the project you’ll be working on for the next 90 days and the ultimate end goal. For some, it might be a completed first draft of their shiny new idea. For others, a polished, revised draft. Maybe, it’s not a novel but a collection of poetry, short stories, etc. Whatever it is, this is the week to share your project (as much as you are willing) as well as your goal.

I actually figured out what I was writing and started fleshing out my world. This is freaking amazing accomplishment for me because I always have ideas running around my head. I can't plan stories for the life of me, I even struggle with using outlines given to me in English class because I believe that a person's creativity should be regulated. Anyways, I actually figured out what the world was about, what my story was going to tell, who my characters were, and what they wanted from the world and the other characters.

Week 2: How much have you accomplished in your first week? And, how did you get the idea for your story For those who don’t want to answer (since that will spoil your project), where do you normally get your ideas?

This is where I am at today: dying.

I have a drama presentation that I have no idea when I am going to present, I have 5 reflections and a portfolio the size of our school's musical's script, and I just may or may not have screwed up my newspaper deadline. That all happened today. Oh, and yesterday I learned I have a blog tour schedule for tomorrow, so guess what I'm not doing tonight? Studying for my marketing test! Not only do I have to finish my portfolio, I now have to binge read a book that I haven't read in one night!

But on the bright side, I have written this entire week (so far), so congratulations to me.

You know how I said above that I don't like outlines? Well, yeah, I really don't. I know this may be a bad thing, but honestly, it's how my dysfunctional brain works. I just write things down on my notebook when I come up with something sharp, clever, or see something that my character's would do themselves in real life.

I have written 4 logs so far (from Monday to today) about things my characters would say, how they would feel, and where they are coming from. Since I'm stuck in my own personal deadline hell at the moment, I'm just writing random stuff. There's this really nice feminist speech one of my characters gives 62 years later, and then there's this really emotional scene between two of my characters that I wrote one night when I was feeling torn between a ship.

Bottom line: I actually have no idea if this story will be a standalone or a series. Because right now, I have things written in the 1888, and things written in 1950 France. I'm just going with the whole "write, writer, writing" thing I have going on at the moment.

I think the weirdest thing for me at the moment is that at one point, I even started using my portfolio guideline to figure out who my villain was going to be, and who the real traitor was. I'm seriously all over the place at the moment. I think I have to step away from my world for a couple of seconds and figure out how I'm going to finish my portfolio within a couple of hours.

Review: The Selection by Kiera Cass

Author: Kiera Cass
Pages: 327 pages
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: April 24th, 2012
Received From: bought at Chapters
Status: The Selection #1

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her. Leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn't want. Living in a palace that is constantly threatened by violent rebel attacks.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she starts to question all the plans she's made for herself--and realizes that the life she's always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.


NOTE: I am aware of the whole Kiera Cass publicist fight, but that does not affect my review.

So the Selection was a very good book, and I enjoyed it very much. It was cute, it was fast paced, but it still had a lot of drama and romance going on which was really good.

The story takes place in a futuristic world. The world (or in this case, the former countries of Canada, Mexico and the USA united under one monarchy) has reset and now everyone is ranked by numbers- 1 & 2 being the highest, 3 & 4 middle classed, and with numbers 5-8 at lower class to the very bottom of the poverty line.

The main character's name is America Singer, a number 5, and is well... a singer. She doesn't want to be part of the Selection because she already has her future planned out in front of her. But after filling out the application to please her mom and secret boyfriend Aspen, she ends up being selected as one of the 35.

There in Angeles (formally known as Los Angeles) she finds herself in the middle of a competition for the Prince's heart, and the kingdom's crown.

What I really liked about this book is that Cass was able to establish the world early on and efficiently. I really enjoyed that because some others will drag on the building of a world for chapters. Or the whole entire book. She does it immediately, and makes you very comfortable in the world. This whole book had a good pace from the beginning, and everything felt in place for me. When I read books that have the character relocating, sometimes I find it a little too dragged or the entire set off for it is just completely awkward and takes on a different tone.

Also, I really liked the balance between the drama and the romance. I actually have seen reviews where people are completely upset with the fact that America doesn't have insta-love for Maxon and mulls over with Aspen too much in this book. I found it completely fine. I mean, of course she wouldn't throw herself at Maxon right away! 1) her ex-boyfriend pretty much threw her into the shark tank, 2) she isn't even a hundred percent sure if she wants to be there, and 3) the Prince has 34 other women in the palace competing for him, of course she'd be weary and not choose him right away! And then there's the ending where if you read the book, things get real...complicated, to say the least!

I really am a Maxerica (that's the ship name right?) fan, and really do hope that they end up together because there is such a good set up for their characters, I would be really disappointed if the author just decided to switch directions. You can't just do that without giving a good reason and set up for America to do a total 180 with her choice. My favourite moment between the two was when Maxon first tried kissing her, and she kneed him in the 'shins'. That was hilarious!

I already knew that this story was going to be about the relationship a few chapters in, and was pretty sure of my instinct Max explains the rebel attacks. I hope we get to see more of this political plot develop in the next two books, otherwise having people randomly attack a highly secure place would actually be a little stupid. I actually did find it a little weird because why in the world would they attack a palace and have no one report about it? And how'd they even get in there if there are so many guards? I really, really, really want this explained and developed, and I want to see this tie in with the whole competition because right now, I feel like they're two separate stories that can be told in this book.

Overall, I found it a really good read! It was quick and easy to finish, and I found it a really cute book!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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