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Six Months of Sleepless Reading: an interview with Josin L. McQuein +ARC Giveaway

Welcome to Day 4 of my blogaversary! I got the chance to interview Josin L. McQuein, the author of Arclight & Premeditated, and enter the chance to win an ARC of Meridian! And YES, this ARC giveaway IS international!


Hello Josin! I am so happy to have you on my blog! I really am a fan of your books! What is your favourite genre to read?

Hi Allison! Thank you so much for letting me participate in your blogoversary. (And I'm so happy you've enjoyed my books.) 

I'm a giant nerd, so Sci-Fi and Fantasy are definitely my favorites. I'm the kind of person that doesn't mind hand-waving the details for sci-fi, so long as they make narrative sense, and there's nothing better than a fantasy that's "out there" but still follows its own rules! Give me alien landscapes and descriptions of new cultures I'd want to experience if they were real.
What's your WOW (Waiting on Wednesday) book for today?

CRESS, by Marissa Meyer. The whole Lunar series is wonderful, and I can't wait to read about Rapunzel in a satellite. Also DREAMS of GODS and MONSTERS, the final Daughter of Smoke and Bone book by Laini Taylor. Her writing is like art on paper, painting itself in your head as you read.
Your characters in your dystopian/sci-fi series, Arclight, don't really know much about their past (our present). If you can give Tobin, Marina, and Anne-Marie book recommendations, what would they be?

I'd have to recommend non-fiction for someone in that situation. Novels are great, but if you're filling in the blanks of a missing past, then you need to start with facts before fiction. I don't think it's possible to truly enjoy a piece of fiction unless you have the factual context to compare it to, anyway. (Imagine reading something like The Hunger Games and not knowing that it wasn't set in a real time or place in US history.)

Encyclopedias, magazines like old Time or Life, and newspapers or news broadcasts would be the best place to start.
If you had the chance to write a Tobin/Marina short story of them plotting where to escape to in the world (eg. Paris, Las Vegas, London etc), where do you think they would go?

I think Marina would head for the desert, because that's what she sees in that snowglobe that Tobin gave her. Santa Fe or or Phoenix, since they're in the US, and those would be the closest options for them. It's a place that both would feel reasonably safe.

Tobin, however, would probably try and find a way to Paris, since that's the snowglobe that he likes to wind up and listen to. The desert may be his favorite, but the Paris landscape is tied to his memories of his mother. That's a powerful motivator.

Are there only two books to the series? Arclight and Meridian?

To me, there are four. There's the trilogy starting with Arclight, and then a prequel focusing on Honoria's teen years as she watches the world fall to the Fade. My UK publisher has bought three books, but my original US deal was for the first two. Since Meridian ends on something of a cliffhanger, I hope that Greenwillow will want to go ahead and finish the trilogy.
Arclight left Marina in a difficult decision, choosing between two different lives and guys. Will Marina's decision fuel more tension between the Fade and the Arclight, or will she finally be able to unite them?

Marina's about to find out that there's more behind her difficult choices than she realizes. She's literally not the person she was before she entered the Arclight - she's not even the same species - and that created a situation where she wasn't just choosing between the boys; she was also choosing which life she would be able to live. However, going through those changes doesn't mean that all of her old life is over, or even out of her biological systems. Honoria warned her that the Fade don't let go of a body easily, and Marina's going to find out that there's a lot of truth in those insights.
How will Marina's relationship change in Meridian with her friends now that her secret is out?

Meridian has a lot of changes that come hard and fast. A LOT. Letting the Fade into the Arclight at the end of the first novel has some serious repercussions that extend beyond the Arc itself. The kids set some things in motion that they can't see, yet, but once those things become clear, they'll have some choices to make - ones that take them beyond the boundaries of the world they know, and even beyond those of what they call the Dark.

There will be changes in family dynamics, and changes to friends, because it's going to be hard to determine who can and can't be trusted. 
On a scale of one to ten, how emotionally crippling will Meridian be?

It depends on which part you're talking about. Some of it's funny - Rue and Tobin like to take shots at each other, and do so at every opportunity. But in the end... well, I've said they venture out of the safety of the Arclight. No one's safe. So lets say it runs the scale from 2-9.

I want to say thanks again to Allison for letting me stop by, and I'll also say that these are some of the best interview questions I've seen. They're not the usual fare, and I hope I've answered them adequately. I'm looking forward to Meridian's release in two months, and I hope all of you who venture back into the world of Light and Dark enjoy the journey.


About the Author

Josin L. McQuein

YA and MG writer repped by Laura Rennert of the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. I have a habit of doodling things that turn into actual pictures. I toss them up at random intervals for readers to point and laugh at. She is the author of Arclight and Premeditated.



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