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Bookish Book Theories: Chantress Alchemy by Amy Butler Greenfield


It's Bookish Book Theory Monday and Day 2 of my blogaversary! Today, it's all about Chantress Alchemy and you could win a bunch of Chantress Swag from the author herself!

Author: Amy Butler Greenfield
Pages: 352 pages
Publisher: Margaret K McElderry Books
Release Date: May 6th, 2014
Status: Chantress #2

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Since defeating Lord Scargrave with her music, Lucy, the last Chantress, has lived by the sea, mastering the intricacies of Wild Magic. But now her quiet life is about to end: the wheat crop has failed, the people are rebelling, and Lucy is called urgently back to King Henry IX’s court. There she finds the Inner Council planning to save England by making gold through alchemy. But the golden crucible — the critical element in the alchemical process — has been stolen, its guards murdered. Lucy is charged with finding the traitor behind the attack.

Meanwhile, enemies old and new are gathering. Scargrave's brutal Chantress-hunter has become King Henry's closest advisor. Lucy’s beloved Nat has fallen out of favor and is shunned by his colleagues; their romance means trouble for both of them. Worst of all, something goes wrong with Lucy’s magic. The palace is a labyrinth, and there’s a monster at its heart — a monster who may have the power to defeat Lucy once and for all. 

Amy Butler Greenfield returns to the beguiling world of Chantress for a suspenseful tale of courtly intrigue, music, and magic in Chantress Alchemy.

I'm really excited for this book theory post! Fair warning: there will be some spoilers...AND I haven't read the book in a while (I don't really own a copy, I borrowed it from the library a few months back), so bare with me!

The Chantress is back!

So at the end of Chantress, the new King Henry IX is in debt to Lucy for saving his country from Scargrave. In return, she asks to go back to a quite island where she grew up with her trustful caregiver, Norrie (that's her name, right?). At the end of the novel (or near the end at least) she has learned to be more independent. I personally think that Lucy will be much more confidant and use her Chantress charm to show everyone who's in charge- I at least am hoping for that to happen :)

The King and I

Okay, who else thinks that King Henry and Lucy will have a mini-romance in this book? I do! I ship Nat and Lucy (yes, even when he was being so cold towards her in Chantress), but I don't know, the way the synopsis sounds, I think her and the King will become more close, especially now that he's out of favor. And also, I swear, there's a part in Chantress near the end where the King is like blushing or like amused or has some sort of gesture/emotion to show that he's awed by Lucy. I think that he'll fall in love with her.

The Fall Out

Why does Nat have a fall out with the Council? Wasn't he one of the few that got a chance to search through Scargrave's library for three months or something after Lucy got rid of him? Why would he be out of favour?

A part of me feels like he'll be the one set up to take the blame of the golden crucible's theft and that's how he'll fall out of favour. And then Norrie, who adores him, will take him in, and from a distance will watch King Henry flirt with Lucy (without her knowing), and he'll just be seething with jealousy in a corner. That's how I see it.

Another theory I have is that Nat is actually Scargrave's son. I don't know why. It's a long shot, but come on, the boy's family died in a fire right? And Scargrave's birds burned people! YOU NEVER KNOW! Or they could be related... you never know!

The Uncommon Criminal

Yeah, yeah. I stole this theory title from Ally Carter's book, but it suits the theory. I really think that the new advisor of King Henry's (who's also a former Chantress hunter) is behind the gold crucible theft. I think he's out to destroy the Council to destroy the King. I think that he's still going after Chantresses in secret or something, but everyone will be distracted from the gold to even notice he's going after Chantresses. Well, Lucy, since she's the only Chantress left. BTW, was the advisor even described in the first book? I really don't remember....

Chantress Hunter

I (vaguely) remember there being a Council member that was very rude to Lucy because she was a woman or something in the first book. This sort of leads to the Uncommon Criminal theory.

I think that the advisor and that mean person on the Council are working together. I really do believe that they stole the gold thingy to make magic or something to 1) destroy the Council, 2) destroy the King and 3) suck all of Lucy's magic and kill her. I think that they're working together to take over the kingdom. And that's why Nat was set up!

I'm really sorry that this Bookish Book Theory post isn't as long as it usually is, but I really haven't read the book since (probably) late September to mid-October last year, so my memory is VERY fuzzy!

Have you read Chantress yet? If so, what are some of YOUR theories for the next book?


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