Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Blogger Life: Life After Exams (#1)

You know what my favourite time of the year is? Other than my birthday and Christmas (when I can buy more books :D), and other than Christmas, Summer and March break? Life After Exams.

Literally, that was me when I woke up this morning, at 11 am. :D

I don't know about you, but after my first exam, I am already done with school and don't really care what my grades will be; for me, I am content with getting an 80% overall average during exam and CPT season (that stands for Culminating Performance Task- think of it as a final worth 10-15% of your grade before exams that can either make or break you). It isn't till the start of mid-term season (late October-November, and mid-April-mid May) that I start to care about getting an 85%+ overall average to get into university.

But, now that exams are done (I finished my French exam yesterday at 11:05 am), I am just focused on four things: SLEEP, reading, writing, and blogging. But mostly sleep. After exams are over, our school is given (and I'm pretty sure the whole district) is given 3 days (2, if you go to exam review day to check your marks like me) to relax, before heading back for second semester on FRIDAY. Yeah, you read that right! I said Friday. Every year, the second semester starts on Friday.

But to be honest with you, at this point, I really don't care when second semester starts. I'm just glad now, I get to sleep and catch up on the work I've been missing out on. However, I always find myself at my laziest point after exams (you should see me procrastinate DURING exam season). For example, this post was supposed to be typed up and ready to go at 10:30 am today, but I just got to lazy and decided to leave it for later. Yeah.

So anyways, what do you guys do after exams? If you go to high school or college or university I mean? I always find myself sleeping, eating and reading.

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