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Bookish Book Theories: Starling by Fiona Paul (#1)

Hey guys! This is a new thing on my blog that I can hopefully post more of (you know, if blogger will stop being such a little BLEH)! This week, I'm making theories for the FINAL book in the Secrets of the Eternal Rose series by Fiona Paul, STARLING!

Okay, before I continue, let me just say that this post will contain A LOT of spoilers since this is the last book of the trilogy and I'm making theories for it, using some clues from the past novels! So if you want to know more about the Eternal Rose series, go check out my review for Venom here!

Publication: March 20th, 2014

In the stunning conclusion to the Secrets of the Eternal Rose tirlogy, there is nothing more dangerous that a secret closely kept…

Cass and Luca are fugitives, on the run from the law and the deadly Order of the Eternal Rose. As they separate to pursue the only evidence that could save them, their worlds—and their romance—are torn apart by spiteful friends and murderous enemies.

When Cass finds herself ensnared in the Order’s twisted plot, Falco emerges once again as her only hope for freedom. But it turns out Luca has a shocking scheme of his own.

From ancient mercenaries to sly magicians, from clever courtesans to vengeful killers, no one can be trusted. In the breathtaking conclusion to the Secrets of the Eternal Rose trilogy, Cass must confront the Order and once and for all decide her destiny. Who will fly beside her when she finally finds her wings?

This historical romantic thriller is perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory's The Other Boleyn Girl, Anna Godberson's The Luxe, and Libba Bray's A Great and Terrible Beauty and The Diviners.

Okay, so let's start off with the clues that came from Belladonna. 

1) We all know that Cristian will be keeping an eye on things in Starling and will totally be causing trouble! I personally think that Dubois will die from Cristian's hand. I don't know why, but it makes sense. I think my reasoning for that is because Cristian, in the epilogue of Belladonna, went to her for work or something, so that means that he fell out of favour with Dubois.

2) Falco stole the effing book. I just wanted to add that in here. Is it just me, or was it obviously him? My friend Maria was so confused when I told her this, but when she read back and I explained to her a little more, she got it. Falco knew where the book was, Falco left (mentioned in the epliogue) Belladonna's place, and we all know that Cass walked in on Falco and Belladonna and was pissed. And we all know that when Cass is mad, she's mad. He obviously stole the book to make her happy and to prove that he still cares about her (does he even say he loves her?).

3) Falco didn't really have a thing with Belladonna. I think Bella knew that Falco liked Cass because he probably mentioned her when he was working. And when Cass walks in on Falco and Bella, I think that he was seducing her for information. Remember: he pissed of Cass the night before or something, and was trying to get some info for her!

That's all I got from Belladonna, mostly because I lost my copy of the book *sobs*. But since Belladonna's release date, there have been a lot of teasers that have can out! For example, Amazon released the first chapter of the book, which has a LOT of theorizing opporitunities! You can check it out here!

Orphan Cass

I totally think that Cass's whole household is dead and it's just her and Luca living in her house. The reason why I think everyone is dead is because in the first chapter, Cass gets a feeling of death when she walks into her place. I want to say the government did it, but I honestly think that Dubois is the reason behind the deaths.

Belladonna's Secret Potion

Since we all know that Bella is 40 and looks 20-ish, it's obvious she has the exilr of youth or something. In Belladonna, it mentioned "pure blood of a Venetian" needed or something like that. Maybe that's how Cass's parents died: their blood was probably used for the potion. It's obvious at this point that Dubois and de Gradi maybe competing  with Cristian (working with Bella) to get Cass first with her blood, but do you guys seriously think that it's a magical potion or something else? I think it's magical.

The Order's Crazy Scheme

Okay, so this ties in with Belladonna's Secret Potion. We all know that Cass may or may not be hunted for her blood, but the thing is, what else would they want her for? They obviously would want her dead, but what else? What else would they want from her? I guess they would want Falco too since he stole the book, but what else? Her parents notes on the Order may be one other thing, but it's not like Bella and Dubois to only have one motive, there has to be more motives to hunt her down!

The Traitor

Okay, I've already talked about Dubois, de Gradi and Cristian being main antagonists in this book, but from the synopsis (seen above), I'm predicting that Magdelena and Marco will be the traitors. I don't know why. I think that the Magician from the first book will be the one saving her (other than the guys) because he seems willing too. We didn't get to see him much in Venom to know if he is genuinely nice or it's just a hoax. But yeah, at this point in the book, Magdelena seems pretty irrelevant because she's in Florence, and even when she does come back, I don't think they'll be on the same side. Her father and her husband seem very law abiding.

Another characters I have in mind that could be traitors: Luca, and Falco's former friends, Paolo, Etienne, Nicholas. It says that Luca has his own shocking scheme and you may never know what that means... maybe he'll use Falco as a human sacrifice, and to be honest, that's VERY traitorous to us fangirls. I think Falco's friends would be likely traitors as well because 1) they're poor artists and 2) they may or may not be upset with the fact that Falco left for Florence.

Luca's Plan

To be honest with you, when I read the part of the synopsis that said that Luca has a shocking scheme of his own, I had a heart attack. Him using Falco is probably going to be a main part of that scheme since he's willing to do anything for Cass, and he does need to get rid of the competition somehow.

I also suspect that Luca may use Cass. I don't know why. He's smart enough to be able to manipulate her, and he could use her betrayal as a way to make her do anything. But the thing is, WHAT IS HIS SHOCKING SCHEME? Will he want to take down the Order and be the leader himself? I actually see that happening. He's obviously going to take down the Order to keep himself, Cass and Falco (since he has the book) alive, but what's he going to do then? I see him taking over. I really do. And we all know he isn't above violence if it means the safety of Cass.

The Mini-Selection

FALCO IS BACK AND LUCA FINALLY LEARNS OF HIS EXISTANCE! For two books Fiona Paul has miraculously kept Luca and Falco away from each other. I don't known if that's pure genius or pure evil because we all know that Cass is going to have a lot of explaining and calming down to do. AND she has to choose one of them! GAH! We all know that Luca is NOT going to be happy from this little excerpt from Pixelski's blog! I'm actually really surprised that Luca would have such emotion! But to be honest with you, I'm not surprised- she's TECHNICALLY been cheating on him for two books straight, so yeah. About freaking time!

But the question is, who do you think she'll pick? I spoke to Fiona/Paula after I finished Belladonna on twitter and she said that Cass becomes her own person and the guy is "just a bonus". So it can be anyone! The title of the book IS called Starling, and it's easy to predict that she chooses Falco at the end.

Just so you know, I AM #TeamFalco, but to be honest with you, with the excerpt from Amazon and the one on Pixelski's blog has me thinking that it IS Luca! I don't know why. On Pixelski's blog, he says something of not being able to choose with him around, and I feel like Cass is going to come to the conclusion that the guy she chooses has to be able to change with her, and not for her. I think Luca's going to change the most of the two guys. But for all I know I could be wrong. However, I do believe that that's the significance behind Starling and Fiona's tweet: that Cass will change character-wise and mature, making her a starling, and whoever she chooses will be because he is able to accept that. (But I still believe her and Falco will marry and have tons of cute little artistic babies!).

Okay, so that's it for my first Bookish Book Theories post! I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Monday guys!
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