Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Throwback Thursday

It's Halloween! 

This year, I went as a Spinster (from Gennifer Albin's Crewel)/ Guardian (from Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy). I originally was going to be a glam 50s chick, but then I decided to be a Spinster. Then I heard about the Vampire Academy costume contest. Somehow that morphed me to a Spinster Guardian!

That's me up there in my 'Spinster' costume. All the Spinsters are describe to have the best clothes and makeup, and that's lil ol'me trying my best to be my sharpest! I guess I was trying to channel Maela (despite the fact that I HATE her), because I always imagined her being so sharp and en pointe when it came to fashion! I tried my best intimidating her 'sharp' features with the makeup, but I ended up looking a little doll from the1950's overall:


As you can see, makeup isn't my strong suit! And I had a little trouble with not rubbing my eyes!

Since I was also participating in the Vampire Academy photo challenge, I just really wanted to go all out! (Without breaking the bank). They (the people running the contest) said that we could just submit a photo of ourselves in our costume! But I just wanted to do something more- especially since Dominic Sherwood, the actor playing Christian Ozera, and Zoey Deutch, the actress playing Rose would be judging!

So I decided to morph my Soinster outfit into a St. Vlad's uniform from the movie!

That's Lissa ( aka Lucy Fry, left) and Rose (aka Zoey Deutch, right) in their St. Vlad uniforms! All Vampire Academy fans know that Rose is a huge rule breaker, so I thought why not beat her in her own game by doing my own version of the VA uniforms?

But before dressing up as my favourite book characters, I, like most little girls, had a princess phase!

This picture is from first grade when I went as Cinderella! :) It was also the first year my mom let me go trick-or-treating, and the first year to realize that Halloween in Toronto is pretty cool, pretty weird and very scary! No joke! I got soooo scared that night that my mom had a hat to cover my eyes whenever I saw any scary masks! On the bright side, I got A LOT of candy from people who felt sorry for me ;)

Anyway, what did you go as this year? And what was your favourite childhood costume? 
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