Saturday, 5 October 2013

Saturday Spotlight

Hey guys!

It's Saturday Spotlight! What is Saturday Spotlight? Well, unlike Fangirl Friday where I just gush about my favourite fictional characters, Saturday Spotlight is a day dedicated to authors, their books, and any upcoming books/projects! It's a chance for you guys to get to know them more and get a glimpse into their crazy/ hectic lives!

Unfortunately, I don't have anyone scheduled for this week, but I've got some pretty exciting news!

Next week, I will be featuring one of my favourite authors: Paula Stokes!
Paula Stokes is also known as Fiona Paul, writer of the YA Historical series, Secrets of the Eternal Rose (if you don't know what it is, browse around my blog, I fangirl over the series a lot of times!).

I got a chance to do a mini interview with her about writing YA Contemporary and Historical, having an alter-ego, her new upcoming book The Art of Lainey, and of course, her cats!

Stop by next Saturday, October 12th for my interview!

To my fellow bloggers in the world, SPREAD THE NEWS! Tell everyone you know on Twitter, Goodreads, Blogger, Wordpress, Bloglovin, and Tumblr about my feature! And tell AS MANY authors/ upcoming authors about Saturday Spotlight!

Any interested authors, feel free to visit my Contact Me page for more info if you would like to be featured on Saturday Spotlight!
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