Friday, 18 October 2013

Fangirl Friday: Ryan Mendez (#5)

Today is Fangirl Friday! And today, we're fangirling over the amazing Ryan Mendez from the Dead Is series by Marlene Perez!

(Douglas Booth as Ryan Mendez)

Isn't he just dreamy?

The first (five-ish books) of the Dead Is series revolves around Daisy Giordano, the youngest daughter of the Giordano clan- a family of psychics. However, she isn't psychic (or is she...?). Daisy learns how to stand out from her family using her super sleuthing skills to solve crimes in her sleepy beach town of Nightshade, California alongside her long time best-friend Ryan Mendez. Together, they uncover the shocking secret her little town is hiding and uncover the truth about what really happened to Daisy's missing father.

The series is currently on it's third spin-off series book (Dead Is Just A Dream), which revolves around Ryan's best friend's (Sean Walsh, whom is featured in the first half of the series) little sister, Jessica. He doesn't play much of a big role with Jess's story, but you do get glimpses of him!

I love Ryan! He is just...PERFECT! (Although he gets a little hairy later during the second book). Personality and feature wise!

•He is 16 in the beginning of the series
•He has lived in Nightshade all his life
•He is best friends with Daisy Giordano and Sean Walsh
•His dad is the Nightshade chief of police and his mother lives in San Francisco with her boyfriend. He also has some cousins living in San Carlos, California.
•He is a football player
•He once had a crush on Samantha Devereaux, Daisy's former ex-best friend
•He has curly dark hair, tan skin, and green eyes
•He is highly intelligent and a loyal friend
•He and his dad have a connection to some of the shady things going on in Nightshade...

So what makes Ryan Mendez worthy of today's Fangirl Friday? Well, as you can see, he is the definition of a small-town boy, from the close relationship he has with his dad to being well known in the community as the police chief's son, the all-star athlete and just being...Ryan.

He is very involved in the series, and helps Daisy out when she is solving mysteries in their town. He is supportive, he is loyal, he is protective, and he is willing to break into a morgue if you ask him to!

What I love the most is that he is Daisy's rock throughout the series (yes, even when he turns into a werewolf). He has been there for her since they were kids, he was there with her when her dad 'disappeared', he was there when she had no one and felt like an outsider, and he was there for her even when he wasn't supposed to be.

Ryan is that type of guy that can do something bad, but you'll forgive him for it, because he will do everything in power to right his wrongs. He's that guy that's worth fighting for, which is why he is this weeks Fangirl Friday!

Favourite Quote: "Ryan you scared the heck out of me!" I said. 

"Who else would be grabbing you? He said. "Is there something you want to tell me?"

"Of course not," I said. "I just wasn't expecting it." (Dead Is A State of Mind)

Favourite Scene: When Daisy calls Ryan in Dead Is The New Black and asks him to meet her, Ryan gets a little taken aback, then she tells him they're going to the morgue. But he doesn't say no.

Favourite Quality: His protectiveness over Daisy! GAHH! It's to die for! Especially in Dead Is Just A Rumour when Ms. Trey was about to kill Daisy, but Ryan saved the day!

Oh! And did you guys know that the awesome Lisa M. Forester is going to be featured on tomorrow's Saturday Spotlight?

Have a great Friday night guys!
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