Sunday, 20 October 2013

Blogger Life: Time Management/Book Haul (#4)

Hey guys! So it's been awhile since I've actually posted a review, but you guys no longer need to worry- I'm working on that!

As I stated before, I'm the new Editor-in-Chief of my school's newspaper, which means A LOT of responsibility. Despite having my good friend, Daria, as my Assistant Editor, I still have a million other things to do!

Last year, I could do everything that I'm doing this year, plus more and still make it home before 3:40. This year, I feel like I'm always running out of time!

Did you know along with the other books that I posted on my other Blogger Life posts, I also have THESE new books to read? 

That right there is a picture of my bed right now, and as you can see, I have my French homework out (I have a script due tomorrow & a presentation TUESDAY), along with Yesterday by C.K Kelly Martin (my Canadian awesome possum...I mean moose), which I'm currently reading at the moment. 

This past two weeks, I've been able to finish Clockwork Prince, The Pledge, and Chantress, and depending on how fast I can finish French, I can finish Yesterday as well (if, you know, I didn't forget anything). Even if I finish Yesterday, I still have Fury, The Lucy Variations, Incarceron (did I mention that's due WEDNESDAY?!), Sapphique and the two novels my librarian gave me to read. And now, I have the first three books of The Lost Books by Ted Dekker, and Blue Bloods and Masquerade by Melissa de la Cruz.

I seriously don't have time anymore. I don't know why, but I just don't. It's like, if I do one thing, I'll forget the other, and there's a huge chance both are very important things. 

Any tips for time management? Usually I'm okay, and I do have a little mess up with schedule but it doesn't usually affect me so much. I do a lot of team leadership programs/ trainings at my school that gets me out of class, but I've been doing that for a year, so it shouldn't make much of a difference, right? 

But I think my biggest question is: should I take a little break from blogging (except for my little Blogger Life posts) to catch up on my reading, or is that a big 'NO NO' !?

Happy Sunday everyone!!


  1. As someone who is currently on hiatus, I'd say yes. It's takes some of the nervousness away about having to be on top of all your blogging stuff. For me, going on a blogging break hasn't meant not communicating with other bloggers or looking at blogs or making some posts, but it's about not being tied to the pressure of posting. Even though I'm on break, sometimes I'll get the urge to write a review, not because I feel like I need to but because I want to. And that's why we start blogging in the first place, right?

    I think a break can give you a fresh breath of air, and sometimes, it's what you need. School has also been taking over my life, to the point where I haven't finished reading anything in the past week/week and a half. But I also feel like I'm a bit more on top of things (except that I still procrastinate).

    And I don't think anyone would mind if you took a break because if it's what's best for you, you should do it and nobody should care. :)

    1. I think you and I are more of the same wave-length than most people that I've talked to since we're the same age and grade!

      The problem is though, ALL my books are library books and I always have to review them first otherwise I won't be able to reference them again. And I'm very forgetful as well.

      But I am taking a semi-hiatus, and to be honest with you, it's getting a bit easier. I miss a lot of school do the events/clubs I participate in so yeah...but so far, I've managed to read 2 books so far back to back! :)

    2. :)

      Ohh, totally getcha. I have a bunch of library books too, so I getcha. (And I forget a lot within a few days when it comes to TV episodes and books, so it's tough since I review both.)

      Nice! And yeah, taking a bit of a break can be really great.


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