Saturday, 14 September 2013

Weekend Roundup!


The world of the Internet has been alive and full of news all week! Unfortunately, without my laptop, I haven't been able to post as much as I wanted to. So here is my first weekend roundup!

1. WHOVIANS OF THE WORLD, MATT SMITH AND JENNA COLEMAN ARE FILMING THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! I REPEAT, MATT AND JENNA ARE FILMING THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! Have you seen the pictures going around? Matt's apparently wearing a wig, and the pictures show Jenna as Clara holding what I think is a turkey (or a chicken).

Can we please  Just  *cries*

*WAILS* It's going to be a sad Christmas this year with Matt leaving Doctor Who, but at least we got Peter Capaldi as the 12th and final Doctor. Oh. And this poster for the 50th anniversary special.

Isn't exciting? I am DYING TO KNOW John Hurt's purpose as the 'forgotten' Doctor. And flipping David Tennant and Billie Piper are going to be on the show! I'm so excited!!!

2. You can now read the first two chapters of United We Spy by Ally Carter here! And you can also watch the trailer for the final Gallagher Girl adventure over here! The final book will be out in Canada and the United States on Tuesday September 17!

And 3)  You can read Fury by Elizabeth Miles FOR FREE UNTIL TOMORROW! So check it out here now!

And if you guys aren't following me on twitter (I'm @missyallydums97- GO FOLLOW ME NOW!), you probably haven't heard, but I'm finally jumping onto the Infernal Devices bandwagon! YAY!

So that's it for me, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!
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