Friday, 30 August 2013

Fangirl Friday: Falco da Padova from The Secrets of Eternal Rose Series (#2)

Last week, I was lucky to get a reply from actor/dancer Nate Shaw who was willing to do an impromptu interview with me on twitter, but alas, my luck has run out and unfortunately I wasn't able to get a reply from anyone! (Conor Maynard, Dominic Sherwood, Ed Holcroft, and Michael Fjordbak, I'm looking at you!).

Falco da Padova (portrayed in the book trailer)
Instead, I decided to feature Falco da Padova, a character from one of my new favourite YA Historical Trilogy, Secrets of the Eternal Rose! The trilogy currently consists of Venom and Belladonna, with the final book Starling coming out on March 20th, 2014.

The series revolves around Cassandra 'Cass' Caravello, a fifteen year old noble woman from Venice, Italy currently living on a tiny island outside of the famous city- surrounded by a graveyard. Her parents are dead, her fiancĂ© Luca da Peraga is in France studying law, and her best friend Liviana Greco has just died. She meets Falco da Padova, a swoon-worthy artist with a knack for getting into trouble by chance.

Together, they embark in a series of adventures to solve Jack-the-Ripper like crimes while learning more about the real Venice and it's dirty and dark secrets. As the series continues, their relationship changes drastically as Cass seems destined to live her life putting her feelings aside and making decisions based on what's better for everyone else, and Falco is on his way to become a true artist.

The trilogy is currently on it's second book, Belladonna, right now and (without giving any spoilers) has left all the characters walking on a tight rope relationship wise. Although the trilogy is at its climax at the moment, one thing is for sure: Falco is a constant throughout all three books, and spices up the story line by bringing his Italian Renaissance mysterious-ness and hotness!

Michael Fjordbak as Falco da Padova
So here's a bit of info about Mr. Mysterious and Sexy himself, Falco da Padova!
  • He is seventeen years old
  • He has curly brown hair and eyes as blue as the Adriatic
  • He is an artist; he loves to paint and draw
  • He has a scar underneath his right eye
  • He was born outside of Padua, Italy
What makes this fictional character worthy of today's Fangirl Friday? Well, other than his ability of being super hot, he's totally sarcastic and to the point!

He tells it like it is, and if you don't get it, he'll tease you relentlessly! Despite being born in the 1500s and fictional, he is totally down-to-earth and doesn't really think much for the luxurious life. He understands that no matter what social standing your from, there are pros and there are cons!

Falco also has a little bit of a bad boy side: he get's into fist fights, drinks and was once a tomb raider (yeah, he totally gives Laura Croft a run for her money!). But what makes his character so amazing is that all his layers (yes, even that annoying part of him that he keeps guarded) makes him a relatable and likable character (Luca fans, give me a sec here).

Sure, he's a bad boy that's too mysterious for his good; sure, he may pull at the heartstrings of all the women around him; sure, he may be annoying as hell sometimes; and sure, he may not be a stable guy. However all of those flaws make him real character and make him a real person. Cass may be the narrator of the trilogy, but Falco is definitely the heart. He's a guy with a shady past who tries his hardest to make things right. He may not be reliable and stable as Luca, but he is a hero in his own right.

"Let me go," she said. "Or I'll scream"
Falco released her. "Please, not that again. My head still hurts from the last time." (Venom)
FAVOURITE SCENE: When Falco and Cass see each other for the first time in Belladonna
FAVOURITE QUALITY: His sarcastic sense of humor. For example, the graveyeard conversation at the beginning of Venom:
"I discovered a dead body." Hearing the words brought back the true gravity of the situation, and panic shot through her all over again. She hugged her arms across her body to keep form trembling.
Falco laughed tersely. He made a sweeping motion with his hand. "Of course you have, my dear. We are literally surrounded by the dead."
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